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"Operation Jade Helm - An Expose - Part 2 ...Infiltration"

By Nathan Leal - April 15, 2015

A few weeks ago, I began an exposé on Jade Helm. Since then, I have uncovered a large volume of information about it and as a result, I am going to release my findings in several parts. This is part two of the ongoing examination of Jade Helm.

(Note - I want to qualify the warning that is in this article. The following applies "IF" the United States crosses the Rubicon into a total police state. Thus far, we are a developing police state. Eventually the morphing process will be complete. When it does, the concerns in this warning will apply to all of us!)

To begin, I need to stress that because of the mystery of Jade Helm, many individuals are trying to make sense of it. But mixed in the effort is a large amount of speculation.

If you are a Christian, it is very important that the warnings that are shared with the Body of Christ place a value on integrity and truth. In other words, sharing speculation that bypasses "reason" and "proper research" makes the family of Constitutional Citizens look bad. It can also stir patriots up to react in ways that make the concerns of Jade Helm a self fulfilling prophecy, and this, ladies and gentlemen, is what we do not need!

With that said, I am VERY CONCERNED about Jade Helm!

Based on my recent findings, Jade Helm is going to include the testing of new technology that includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), to help the military with planning and execution of targets. The technology will use calculations to anticipate the next move of their enemy and offer them solutions in real time. The Ai Technology is also able to learn as the operation takes place.

This technology has been in development for almost twenty years as a joint project of DARPA, Defense Contractor Raytheon and several universities...

and now...they are ready to play with it! On American soil!

Welcome to the 21st Century folks! Hollywood sci-fi has become reality. Military planning will utilize the strength of new generation technologies and computers. (Note - I will be talking about this in great detail in the future.)

But regarding the mystery and intimidation of Jade Helm.

Many people have become very concerned over the operation's motives. As a result, some are becoming agitated. I have wondered if Jade Helm is a partial operation to try to get a rise out of Americans,

Could this be possible? Is Jade Helm designed to intimidate and hope for a reaction from the citizens, a reaction that elevates into a Ferguson-like response on a nationwide scale? If Martial law is what the Powers That Be desire, a Ferguson-like response would work into their favor.

Folks, I do not want to see Martial Law, but sadly, I know that it will eventually arrive in America. It is Bible Prophecy. This is what time it is.

My purpose is not to promote apathy about Jade Helm, instead I wish to challenge everyone with the admonition to behave like grownups and as Christians with a testimony. Not as anarchists who cannot wait for the "fireworks." Because when this thing really gets going, it is going to be ugly, shocking, and many people are going to see heartache and blood shed!

There is nothing "romantic" about revolution....or war!

By the way, the people involved in these exercises and in the coming season of Martial Law will include our men and women of the US Military. There are many who are enlisted who are your allies. Some of them have faith and families and they respect the Constitution.

So they should not all be viewed as enemies. As you read the many articles out there about Jade Helm, please try to maintain a perspective of rationale and include it with your vigilance.

Now.... again,....I do not know if Jade Helm is going to go live.

HOWEVER, I do have concerns that if it does, many who are trying understand it, need to be equipped with accurate knowledge so that they can utilize a proper strategy that includes Godly council and the Mind of Christ. Because if it does go live, we are going to need the wisdom of God to stay protected.

And eventually the methods of Jade Helm will turn into a policy that will be used in the future against Christians. When this happens, the Church will have to go underground.


For those of you that did not read my previous exposé, the summary is as follows:

1. Jade Helm is a part of a several phased operation, i.e. phase-zero shaping and the use of the new Human Terrain System.

2. The videos that we saw from Florida involving extraction of citizens gives us a glimpse of this operation.

3. Jade Helm is the operation that deals with the citizens who were not able to be corralled under Human Domain compliance and reprogramming. In other words, while 90% of the population will cooperate with their plantation, a small minority will not, and this minority must be identified and dealt with!

This means they must be targeted and/or extracted!

This is what Jade Helm is! It is about practicing the engagement and extractions of dissidents, patriots, separatists, constitutionalists, insurgents, and other freedom loving citizens who are determined to be a threat to the region.

While they may claim that the exercise is exclusive to the US Military for future missions, they also admit that it is an "interagency" exercise. Meaning the US Military working in concert with US Governmental agencies like....Homeland Security!

...and the new Militarized Police Departments...

In light of it's intimidating appearance, many of those who are trying to make sense of the upcoming exercises are concerned that it may go live. In other words, will "real extractions" take place under the guise of practice exercises?

At this point in time, I cannot answer that question, however, I will say that the whole thing is fraught with elements that do not make sense.

So from this point on, I would like to address the possibility and ramifications of the exercise going live.

The List - Who's Name is on It?

Folks, if Jade Helm does go live, this means that extractions could take place of people who find themselves on a "Jade Helm Red-List." This possibility, has me asking many questions.

For example - "For the unfortunate citizens who are on the list, what determination was made to place them there?"

How about this question - "If the coming extractions could possibly involve you, and the soldiers showed up at your door, will you be wondering why they think you are guilty? Will you wonder how your name got on their list?"

(Note - if you are in the public eye, like me, the answer may be obvious, but for others, the answer may not be so obvious.)

Therefore, this is what I want to address. If it is possible to salvage the freedom of some of you, then this information will be valuable.

This is the big question that is not being asked about this operation - "If Jade Helm goes live, how will their lists be determined?"

Will they only take away legitimate criminals, like murderers and thieves? According to the documents and Intel that has been leaked over the past few years, the extractions will consist of enemy dissidents who believe in Constitutional America.

While it may be true that a few "rogues," will be marked for removal, the coming captivity will include many who are innocent. So again, how will they decide?

I have been seeking to find the answers to these questions. I believe that I have discovered a few of them.

Determination for those on Extraction List

The lists are determined through the information gathered by U.S. Governmental Agencies, including DHS, NSA, & others, through the use of spyware, surveillance, postal mail intrusion, private contractors with mandates to spy on US citizens, Allied Government Agencies like Great Britain’s - GCHQ (Global Communications Headquarters).....

Determination will also be based on data that will be harvested from phone conversations, emails, text messages, social media and online activity.

...also the records provided by utility and cable companies.

Profiles may even be determined by an examination of a person's buying habits, debit & credit card purchases, etc. And coming soon, tracking observed through the developing sea of cameras in many cities that use license plate & facial recognition; and also tracking observed through cell phones and RFID chips that are in newer vehicles, some drivers licenses, etc.

All of the data is gathered and fed into an NSA Supercomputer for profiling. The NSA recently built a behemoth facility in the State of Utah to store and process the secrets of American citizens.

Nathan, this is too much! ...Really?

Sorry folks, this is what time it is. America - the Oasis of Freedom is now a wilderness! And this article is not to scare you but to inform everyone about the methods that this new program will use to determine extractions.

The Powers that Be have decided that - "lovers of freedom" will be a threat to the approaching plan to take over America. Therefore they must be dealt with.

Their tactics begin with profiling the person through information gathered in cyber world.

The US Military has stated that in order to master the "human domain," they must join forces with their cyber resources and utilize the Global Information Environment in order to win their campaigns. Therefore, the coming police state will use their endless supply of data to profile everyone.

The sources of the data include those that were mentioned above. But that is not all.

When the NSA Supercomputer flags a person because of their activity, they must then be earmarked for further investigation. This is where the next phase begins. Their threat level must be verified or nullified, through a physical assessment. This requires that an undercover infiltrator gathers further information about them. This is called human mapping.

The lists for extraction will be acquired through infiltration and personal observation. Infiltration folks!

Please make note of this and think about it. The citizens that they will "snatch and grab" will be those who were earmarked for removal. But to do this, they will first need to visit the area and study the individuals or groups in question. This is the preemptive phase.

This is what Human Terrain Teams are assigned to do. They will go into a designated community as an undercover infiltrator and try to mix in. If they need to gather data about a group, they will try to infiltrate the group by appearing to be "new in town," and friendly.

They may use the same "lingo, dialects, etc" to appear local and innocent.


Again, folks, I do not know if Jade Helm will be the commencement to a permanent program, but if it somehow turns into a permanent program, you need to know this information, and discuss it with your friends.

Based on what Homeland Security has already said about Christians, patriots, constitutionalists, militia members, and others who love freedom, it appears that DHS and the FBI have decided that these groups are a threat to them.

Could this be what Jade Helm is about? To extract these types? How will they confirm their lists?

It will be through the final method of infiltration. I went into this in the last article, but I want to add a few more thoughts.

And I would like for you to think about it, if it applies to you.

Infiltration will be the method that the police state will use to acquire intelligence and unfortunately, it is probably already being used in the USA as you read this.


1. Are you a member of a group who periodically meets with others?

2. Is your group patriotic or Christian oriented?

3. Does your group know what time it is?

4. Does your group discuss current events and the politics of the New World Order?

5. Is your group survivalists oriented?

6. Is your group militia oriented?

7. Does your group study the end times or biblical prophecy?

8. Is your group trying to prepare for the things that are coming?

9. Does your group allow visitors?

10. Does your group allow new people to join your gatherings?

11. Does your group have people coming and going?

12. Does the conversation in your group sometimes visit the ills that are taking place in America?

13. Does the conversation in your group at times criticize Obama and the present government of America?

14. Does your group feel strongly about Second Amendment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is a possibility that your group could be viewed as a threat in the coming atmosphere of Martial Law. There is also a possibility that the coming police state wants to know about your group and the members of your group. They will want to determine if your group will be a threat to them.

To do this, they may decide to infiltrate your group. The purpose of the infiltration will be to gather data on your members including names, addresses, locations of meetings, activities and other intel.

The information that is "mined" from your group will be used to map the human terrain of your area. This is what the term - Mastering the Human Domain is all about.

So ladies and gentlemen, between now and this summer when Jade Helm gets going, I find myself wondering if infiltration and data mining is already taking place in the USA.

Is There a Spy Among Us?

in 2014, an infiltrator was interviewed on the Alan Combs Radio Show. The infiltrator was police Chief Mark Kessler who posed as a Constitutional Patriot. He was able to deceive many people and admitted that he obtained personal information on group members and turned the info into several government agencies including the joint task force.


This guy is a piece of work! But this is an example of the type of exercises that are already taking place in America.

This means, that infiltrators may be walking the streets of your area seeking to find out about your group. When they do find out, the infiltrators will do what they are trained to do...

... infiltrate your gathering and get to know you. If perchance this occurs, the big challenge is discovering who they are. How does one do this? How can you know if you've been infiltrated?

This is a very difficult situation because presently, many well-meaning people are relocating around America in an attempt to get ready for the future. Many of these people may be Christians and Patriots who may want to join a support group in their area. But how you determine whether a newbie is legitimate or an infiltrator?

Have you thought about this? Also, what about regular members? How does one determine if they are not infiltrators?

The Human Terrain scheme is now several years old so there is really no way to determine how long infiltrators have been in operation around the country, if at all.

And thus, this is my concern, because as I observe the many articles and YouTube videos about Jade Helm, I am not finding many discussions about infiltration, and if most people are not talking about it, how are they preparing for this potential threat?

The Remedy

Note - Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking about a remedy that groups can use to determine infiltration. The suggestions below may help Christian groups. Please print this out and discuss it with your group. In the future the underground Church may depend on some of these ideas.

Ladies and gentlemen, the only remedy that I can think of, is to find discernment that comes from God. This can only happen through a healthy relationship with Jesus.

I want to challenge you to talk about this with your family or your group members.

Begin to study and learn about the underground church. Also study the Church that endured under the Soviet Union. Christians in those eras had to learn new rules and ways to stay hidden. Many of these saints have testimonies of how God supernaturally hid them in plain site. Discernment is a spiritual gift and available to those who ask for it.

So friends, I want to add this challenge, now is the time to seek these tools and practice them.

If you may suspect that you are or have been infiltrated, ask God for confirmation. Have a meeting and discuss these things...

...But be very careful folks...lest the infiltrator among you goes undetected. This is what they do! They are very good at it.

Falsely Accusing

Another thing to consider, is to be very careful about accusing someone of being an infiltrator who may be innocent. Bearing false witness or false accusation is a serious offense and you do not want to be guilty of it. It could be devastating to an innocent person who had hopes of fellowshipping with your group.

You do not want to be accused of having a witch hunt. This can be divisive to the group and demoralizing, so please treat this with caution.

What if You Suspect Infiltration?

The verdict must always have evidence or witnesses, not speculation. If you suspect infiltration, the first thing to do is pray, and not just casual prayer. Have one or several prayer sessions involving the spiritually mature Christians in your group, and form a council with the mature members to seek an answer. If possible, include fasting. When I say mature, I mean the seasoned ones who have been at it a while and have proven themselves. Why the mature? Because the immature ones may not have their discernment senses trained.

Discernment comes from maturity.

"For everyone who partakes only of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, for he is a babe. But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, (mature) that is,those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil."

Hebrews 5:13,14

If the Spirit of God reveals an answer through discernment, the other Christians must bear witness that it is correct. There cannot be division about it. Pray for unity that God will confirm it with everyone involved.

Can God Show Us What to Do?

If God confirms that there is an infiltrator, everyone in the council must come to the same conclusion with the same name that they are sensing in their spirit. But at first, everyone should keep the name to themselves.

They should not openly share it because others could be influenced and possibly change the name that they had in mind.

So to prevent influential contamination, everyone should instead write the name down on paper beforehand and then give the paper to someone to read out loud. This prevents the council from changing their mind. If for some reason there is not a consensus, discuss the findings and try to come to an agreement.

Confrontation with the Infiltrator

After it is agreed, have the most diplomatic and mature person confront the accused. Honesty works the best folks. Tell them that there is a suspicion that they may not be who they say they are and go from there. Do not make threats. Keep it civil.

Remember, if they are an infiltrator, any threats can work against your innocence. Tell them that the group leaders have decided that it would be best if you parted ways, in peace.

Say it and then wait for a response. It will be at this point that you will find out if your discernment was true and if they were really illegitimate. I wonder if they would ever admit it? Perhaps they would if there was prayer behind the confrontation beforehand.

If they were falsely accused, they may react in a most unexpected way, so be prepared to be a civil and mature grownup.

If you discover that you have been infiltrated, have a meeting with all of the members for strategy and decision making. Again, take the matter to prayer. Should you find a new place to meet? What does God say? The early Church depended on this tactic.

"...and it seemed good to the Holy Spirit..." Acts 15:28

Folks, I know that what I am saying here is not easy. I also know that to get it wrong could be devastating to innocent people. So this whole matter must be treated with extreme caution.

Remember, Apostle Paul had difficulty when he first joined the Acts Church. Some of the brethren did not trust him at first.

"And when Saul had come to Jerusalem, he tried to join the disciples; but they were all afraid of him, and did not believe that he was a disciple. But Barnabas took him and brought him to the apostles. And he declared to them how he had seen the Lord on the road, and that He had spoken to him, and how he had preached boldly at Damascus in the name of Jesus. So he was with them at Jerusalem, coming in and going out."

Acts 9:26-28

So even Paul had challenges proving himself, and rightly so, he had been persecuting Christians. But it took the discernment of Barnabas to bear witness for him. Now while an infiltrator is not the same as Apostle Paul, some of the same dynamics apply. The early Church practiced vigilance and depended on the Holy Spirit to show them.

But what if your group does not have enough Christians who are committed to God or seasoned to pray? My friends, there are no short cuts with the things of God. This is a major reason that everyone must include their relationship with God as a necessary ingredient to their survival.

Practical Solutions

Are there practical ways of identifying if you have been infiltrated? Perhaps. It depends on how open your members are to scrutiny.

1. Does your group have an established way to give "clearance?"

2. Is it through recommendations? How many are required per member?

3. Is it unwise to ask a member if they are an infiltrator? It could possibly cause long term damage and lack of trust for your group in the future.

4. The challenge with loyalty is sometimes, the most sincere one can turn out to be most deceptive. The opposite can also apply, the most quiet one can end up being the most loyal.

5. Do you require a background check? Sometimes, the most well meaning member may want to maintain their privacy and refuse this. A desire for privacy does not necessarily determine guilt.

As you can see folks, it is very hard to have a fool-proof method to vet a member. Aside from using spiritual tools and depending on God, this is a difficult challenge.

My advice is that God's people would pray and ask Him for wisdom on how to deal with this potential challenge.

By the way, if you might happen to be in a group and have dealt with this challenge and you have some ideas please share them with me and I will pass the info along.

What if Jade Helm Ends Up being a Non-Event?

If this happens folks, I will be thanking God that we have more time to prepare. I will also be thankful that the threat gave us pause and challenged us with new things to think about.

God Bless you and may He be with you and protect you,

Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry be continued. I have more coming. Please stay tuned!......



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