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Friday April 24, 2015

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"Operation Jade Helm - An Expose - Part 3 ...Incarceration"

By Nathan Leal - April 23, 2015

This is part three of the ongoing examination of Jade Helm.

(Note - I want to qualify the warning that is in this article. The following applies "IF" the United States crosses the Rubicon into a total police state. Thus far, we are a developing police state. Eventually the morphing process will be complete. When it does, the concerns in this warning will apply to all of us!)

Jade Helm

Over the past few weeks, I have been researching the meaning Jade Helm. I want to help solve the mystery, so in this expose I will offer my findings about the meaning of Jade Helm and the logo.

Several days ago, someone disclosed that the term Jade Helm meant:

Jade - Joint Assistant for Development and Execution

Helm - Homeland Eradication of Local Militants

Thus far, I have been able to confirm that this is true for the word "Jade" (Note - the link will download the document - JOINT ASSISTANT FOR DEVELOPMENT AND

However, I have not been able to confirm that the meaning of Helm as meaning Homeland Eradication of Local Militants. If anyone has a document that offers proof of this, please contact me and I will share it. Until then, I cannot relay the rumor that this is the meaning of the word "Helm."

In the future, I will share information about the term "Jade. " It appears that it is a computer program that the US military is using to help with execution of operations.

The Jade Helm Logo

In this expose, I want to focus on the Jade Helm Logo because I believe that it may have a cryptic cipher within it that means "incarceration."

Looking at the image as a whole...


It is made up of several symbols...

1. Two arrows.

2. A sword or a knife.

3. A transparent shoe in the center.

Army Special Forces Logo

The arrow and the knife appear to be a derivative of the US Army's Special Forces Logo.

As you can see, It contains the two arrows and a sword that looks more like a blade. I think that it is possibly the "V-42 Stiletto," which is the knife that the Army's Special Service Force used in WW2.

In WW2, the Army's Special Service force was the forerunner to today's Special Forces.

Here is an image of the stiletto:

So is this all there is to the logo? Is the artwork an innocuous image that really has no message to it?

If I followed that logic, I am still left with confusion over the center image of the transparent shoe, and I have to ask, why was it placed in there?

It makes no sense! So I sought to understand it. The first thing that I did was look at the image in Photoshop. I wondered if could adjust it to see it clearer.

Here it is zoomed in:


As you can see, It is difficult to make out. So I changed the contrast levels and got this:

It was a little improvement but still not good enough. I decided to invert the contrast, like a negative image and got the result below.

By reversing the contrast, I was able to see that the shoe is a wooden clog. Make note that there is a pattern in the shoelace area and in front of the pattern are three small lines.

I searched online and found the same design in wooden shoes that are sold today in Holland. Make note of the wooden clog below and the similarities with the swirl pattern and the three lines on the front.

Here they are side by side:

Here is another image of wooden shoes from Holland...

Based on the evidence above, I have determined that the shoe inside of the Jade Helm logo is a wooden shoe or a "clog."

This leads to more questions. Why? I have read some of the theories about how the meaning of the wooden shoe means "sabot." Some of you have emailed me about it, where the word "sabot" means wooden shoe and is where the term "sabotage" comes from. This theory may have merit, so I do not want to dismiss it. But it does not explain why the military would purposely place a symbol of sabotage in their operation.

The Jade Helm logo illustrates what "they" intend to do in their operations, not the other way around. Sabotage is what the enemies would do to them, therefore, I am lead to conclude that the shoe symbol is an illustration of what "they" will do to the humans as they "master the human domain."

So what are the other possibilities?

As I sought an answer, I wondered how wooden shoes could tie-in to the Jade Helm Operation when it came to extractions, because this is one the main concerns about Jade Helm.

I asked the question, "Will Jade Helm lead to live extractions? If so, what will become of the extracted individuals?"

"Detention" can be the only conclusion!

With that in mind, I did a search to find out if wooden clogs have ever played a role in detentions or prison clothing.

Here is what I discovered when I did a search for the words: wooden, clogs, prison..

As you can see, there are many hits that reveal wooden clogs were a part of the clothing that prisoners wore during the holocaust.

Here are some of the web sites: - Scroll down to see the wooden clogs. - This site explains the uniforms and clothing that the prisoners would wear including, wooden clogs.

Mauthausen_Concentration_Camp - This site shows images of the Mauthausen Death Camp located in Austria. In the Camp Life Artifacts page, scroll down to see the images of the wooden clogs.

in these sites, there are museum images of the wooden clogs that prisoners wore in the death camps.

Wooden shoes worn by the prisoners. Image below from the Mauthausen_Concentration_Camp Museum.

Below; A pair of wooden clogs used by prisoners of Auschwitz

Below: A set of prisoner clothing - trousers, blouse, hat and wooden clogs at Auschwitz

Below: The striped pajamas of death.

Below: Hitler's fashionable shoes of choice for his guests.


Below is a Youtube video that summarizes this information...




In the Hagmann program, we discussed martyrdom.

We visited a few early Church historical accounts of martyrdom, how Christians back then agreed to display a token signal to tell those watching that God's grace was with them as they were burned at the stake. - From "Foxes Book of Martyrs," page 161, available here - download free.

The account of Thomas Haukes - martyr for Jesus.

"Thomas Haukes, with six others, was condemned on the ninth of February, 1555. In education he was erudite; in person, comely, and of good stature; in manners, a gentleman, and a sincere Christian. A little before death, several of Mr. Hauke's friends, terrified by the sharpness of the punishment he was going to suffer, privately desired that in the midst of the flames he should show them some token, whether the pains of burning were so great that a man might not collectedly endure it.

This he promised to do; and it was agreed that if the rage of the pain might be suffered, then he should lift up his hands above his head towards heaven, before he gave up the ghost. Not long after, Mr. Haukes was led away to the place appointed for slaughter by Lord Rich, and being come to the stake, mildly and patiently prepared himself for the fire, having a strong chain cast about his middle, with a multitude of people on every side compassing him about, unto whom after he had spoken many things, and poured out his soul unto God, the fire was kindled.

When he had continued long in it, and his speech was taken away by violence of the flame, his skin drawn together, and his fingers consumed with the fire, so that it was thought that he was gone, suddenly and contrary to all expectation, this good man being mindful of his promise, reached up his hands burning in flames over his head to the living God, and with great rejoicings as it seemed, struck or clapped them three times together.

A great shout followed this wonderful circumstance, and then this blessed martyr of Christ, sinking down in the fire, gave up his spirit, June 10, 1555."


Below is a historical artist's rendering of Thomas Haukes signaling that God's grace was with him as he burned at the stake. While burning, he lifted his melting hands with fingers missing and clapped three times. This is an incredible testimony that Jesus was with him as he perished. I wonder if he was able to see angels or Jesus when he got to this point of his fiery death? What ever he saw or was experiencing, it gave him strength. I believe that it was a martyrs anointing that God's Spirit gave to him to help him through to the end. Incredible!

Jesus said, I will NEVER leave you or forsake you. If the time ever comes that some of us may face martyrdom. Know this, Jesus will be at our side and see us through! Praise be to God!




US Army Internment and Resettlement Operations FM 3-39.40

Cognitive Joint Force Entry - White Paper



click the link for many images: The Jade Helm Computer Program....


Please share this information with your friends and family. May God be with you all and see you through.

In His service,

Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry



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