The Great City will Burn!
A Coming Woe of Destruction
A Prophetic Word of Warning
Nathan Leal - June 16, 2010


Yesterday on June 15, 2010, I was in a very long prayer session where I was seeking God over matters of the oil spill. I was asking about more details of the spill when He answered with other things; things that I did not expect!

And it was then, that the Holy Spirit gave me a very grim warning of future things to come.
After He was finished, He told me to publish it.

It is written below.

According to this prophetic warning, in the future a city is going to be destroyed! I do not know the name of the city or when this will happen.

But when it does, I fear that it will destroy the last remaining remnants of America!  Please also read the interpretive notes below. - Nathan



The Burden of the Great City - A Coming Woe of Destruction
A Prophetic Word
Nathan Leal - June 15, 2010

A fearsome woe is upon the land!
His hand of judgment moves over the waters.
The cup is full of mixture, mired with the deeds of man.

Behold, the cup is poured out! There is more to consider.

For in that day, before the eyes of the people, there shall be grief and sorrow.
The carcasses of many shall be strewn upon the sands of polluted waters.

The hearts of many will fail in disbelief.
Their eyes shall behold a horror!
They will be stricken with sadness.
They shall be in want of a better day.

Death will strike down the heart of the proud.

Prepare for a great woe.
A mighty wind will descend from the sky.
The clouds will dissolve before their eyes.

Anguish shall be upon the land.
It shall be with strength and fervor.
And none shall be at rest.

A burden shall arrive at the great city; a shaking will rock the ground.
The ferries and the ships shall reel to and fro.
There will be shipwreck. The cargo will release and be lost.

Burning clouds shall cover the face of the land.
They shall gasp as they behold the darkness; overshadowed with blackened smoke.

The dead shall be sifted from the living.
The breadth of destruction shall be mighty and wide.
The great city shall melt like burning pitch and give birth to many fires.

A banner will proclaim this tale.
A banner lifted high with no celebration or comfort.
A banner shall replace their wants with soulful mourning.
A banner without a victory: a banner proclaiming defeat!

The city shall be poisoned!
Woe to this city, for great pain has arrived!
Who will watch and who will be among the fallen?

The storm has begun.
The winds shall arrive.
The conquest approaches.

The great nation will fall to the ground.
There shall be a great spoil.
The eve of destruction has passed.
Her appointment is at hand.

Only a remnant shall endure.
Only those that seek His face shall find comfort and mercy.


---   End of Prophecy  ---

Nathan Leal - June 15, 2010



My thoughts:

As you can see, the prophetic words above illustrate that an event of catastrophic proportions is approaching. I believe that this event will occur in America.

A clue to the location is that it is a coastal city.  This is based on the residual damage reaching “ferries and cargo ships.”

I do not know if this will be a terrorist attack or through war. I also do not know if it will be caused by something else like natural forces or an accident!

According to this warning, there are going to be mass casualties. This means many people will die when it occurs!

I also believe that when this event happens, it is going to change everything!  Life as we know will be a thing of the past.

The powers that be are hoping for a New World Order. A catastrophe of this magnitude would be used as their “Pearl Harbor” event to bring their New World Order into fruition.

This explains the words that say: The conquest approaches!

Indeed my friends, the conquest of America is approaching!

Please take this warning to prayer and get your house in order.

Please share this warning with others.

God Bless,

Nathan Leal
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