Warning from Nathan Leal - Part 2
"Zombie Apocalypse? - Mayan Prophecy - December 21, 2012"
Nathan Leal - November 21, 2012


Several days ago, I released a warning about a very profound event of Spiritual Darkness that is coming to America on January 20, 2013. Read

Based on the information that I have shared in my previous warning, I am very concerned that the nation of America is going to cross into a new era of darkness, evil and calamity.

America’s coming changes are going rival the tyrannical regimes of world history.

My friends, it is very important for Christians to understand that these things are coming because God is judging America for her iniquities. Her sins are many. One of her most notable sins are the millions of “child sacrifices” that have taken place dedicated to the altar of convenience.

This coming January 22, 2013 will be the forty year anniversary of the “Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court Decision” that legalized abortion in America.

A generation of Americans has now lived while 50 million innocent babies have died.

This anniversary marks a 40 year window of murder of the innocent. I find it interesting that the Roe / Wade Anniversary date falls to within a few days of the Inauguration date. I believe that very soon, a spiritual banishment of America will take place on Jan. 20th.

Judgment at the Gate

And folks, America's altar to abortion will not go unpunished!

But America’s stains have not stopped there. The USA was once a nation that feared God but has now converted into a people who have outlawed God! Without God, a nation resorts to living enslaved to the bondages of sin. And eventually, they end up living in the literal bondage of tyranny.

This is going to be America’s future course. God is going to allow tyrannical oppression to overshadow the land. And one of the tools that will be used to forge the coming chains will be the leadership in the White House.

By the way, it does not matter who the leader is in the White House. Whether we were given Romney or Obama, this judgment was still ordained to occur.

It now appears that the one to fulfill this task will be Obama. And since Obama is the one scheduled for inauguration, he will be the one that will experience the evil tide of approaching darkness.

Darkness Rises


Ladies and Gentlemen, right now, in late 2012, the release of darkness is a present undertaking in the spiritual world. During the recent Olympic Opening Ceremony, the “Powers that Be” announced to the world that this event was underway. Read

They recreated the ritual for all to see. The ritual included the opening of the bottomless pit where hundreds of demons poured out from the underworld.

I have an audio series that explains these things. Listening Link

I find it interesting that hell’s underworld has recently announced this plan. Why did they do this? Was it a requirement by God?

When I was working on my research that dissected the Olympic series, I wondered if God could also show us what was coming to America and the world. And now, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I have been able to uncover similar events in the scriptures.

America's Future

I have explained in my previous warning that these things appear in Jeremiah 39:1-10.

The passage seems to have a prophetic cipher about America. When decoded, it explains some very dreadful events that are approaching America including:

  1. There will be an invasion of spiritually dark forces in the form of powerful demons from the underworld. These spirits will invade the USA. They will be invisible!

  2. A takeover of the political leadership of America will occur through an infection of demonic forces. Spiritual Principalities will be allowed to influence the leadership of America into making “blind” decisions that will further take America into perdition and destruction. This development is very serious because it will result in a dark turn towards tyranny and police state oppression.

  3. The economy of America is going to get destroyed. The wealth of the rich will be burned and the wealth of the middle class will vaporize. This includes a new foreclosure crisis that will leave many people homeless.

  4. Another crisis will ensue that will result in chaos for many cities of America. Houses will burn! Cities will burn!

  5. America will no longer be protected by the “hedge of God!” The result will be an attack by outsiders who will be able to breach America’s walls.

  6. Captivity is also in store for American citizens. This will play out through oppression, tyranny and also physically. The American Gulag will become occupied.

  7. The population of the “poor” will be the class of people that will receive trinkets and tokens from the government. Loyalty to the regime will be purchased by the feeding of the people.

These are just a few of the things that God has shown through Jeremiah 39. If you are wondering about the formula, I explain it here: Read

The Cipher

But in summary, it is found in Jeremiah 39:2

"In the eleventh year of Zedekiah, in the fourth month, on the ninth day of the month, the city was penetrated." Jer. 39:2

Eleven years, four months and nine days after Zedekiah became a puppet king of Nebuchadnezzar, he was destroyed and overrun.

I applied this calculation to the starting point of September 11, 2001. The end result was January 20, 2013; this is inauguration day for Obama.

After researching the coming inauguration, it appears that Obama will have a private ceremony in the White House on Sunday, January 20th and then a public one the next day on the 21st.

Occult Ritual

I received a few emails from listeners sharing that Obama’s initial ceremony will be in private because he will undergo an occult ritual of veiled secrecy on January 20th. It will be an Illuminati ritual where his allegiance will be formatted to “other worldly powers.”

And according to the results of the scriptural cipher, I foresee that on January 20, 2013 some very powerful portals are going to open and infect the leadership of America.

The infection will be a major turning point that will change the heart of this country into a nation of zombie infested people with dark souls.

After I released my first warning, I contacted several other Watchmen including Steve Quayle, Rick Wiles, Augusto Perez.

Zombie Apocalypse

When I spoke to Augusto on the phone, I told him that this event is going to bring about the zombie apocalypse. He then shared with me that a movie is coming out that speaks of the zombie Invasion of the world. I went to see the trailer of this movie and was surprised at how it precisely describes what I am trying to warn about in these messages.

By the way, to clarify, when I refer to the zombie apocalypse, I am speaking symbolically of the evil spirits that are contaminating humanity. And as they take over men's hearts, the end result will be demon possessed people who behave like rabid dogs. These maniacs will resort to violence and evil which could appear "low key" or to tactics as extreme as eating the faces of the homeless.

As the demonic hordes invade this planet we are going to see and hear stories that are shocking!

Here is a link to the trailer. Warning – It is intense!

After viewing the trailer above it appears that Hollywood Babylon has an assignment to prepare the world for similar events such as this one.

The Jewish Calendar

So ladies and gentlemen, I am really concerned about these coming events. A day after I released my warning, I was talking to another friend on the phone about my findings and he wondered if the Jewish calendar would have similar results. I listened as he calculated using the Jewish calendar.

The results were interesting!

The Formula

The formula is eleven years, four months and nine days from the season of 911. With the Jewish calendar, the months begin in the middle of the Gregorian calendar months.

The first month of the Jewish New Year begins in the month of Tishri. Tishri occurs approximately in the middle of September in the Gregorian calendar and ends in the middle of October.

So to apply our formula to the Jewish calendar we have to make a few adjustments. Including that days on the Jewish calendar begin at sun down the day before.

To begin the formula we first begin in the month of September 2001. The Jewish month of Tishri begins in September. Tishri is a special month because this is the month where we find Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

We then move forward in time 11 years. This takes us to the area of September 2012. But on the Jewish Calendar, again it is the month of Tishri.

Next we go forward four months; In the Jewish calendar this takes us to the month of Tevet. The month of Tevet begins at sundown, December 14, 2012.

And finally we go forward nine days. So this takes us to sundown on December 21, 2012.

December 21, 2012, Folks!

Here is a link to a Jewish Calendar Conversion Tool so that you can see for yourself:
Jewish Calendar Conversion

(Note* - The day begins the evening before at sundown, thus 9th of Tevet, begins at sundown 12-21-12)

Is this a coincidence? When I saw the results, I was surprised! I then began asking  a lot of questions.

Can this be true? If so, what does this mean? The results of the formula to the Jewish calendar would not just apply to America. Does it just apply to Israel? Or does it apply to the whole world?

If it applies to the whole world, this means everybody!

NOTE* - I would like to say up front that this research is still a work in progress. It is something that I am examining but have not come to a final conclusion regarding these calculations.

The reason that I need to release this information is because, it appears that the December 21, 2012 event will have some ramifications in the spiritual realm for the whole world.

What Does it Mean?

I know that many people may discount the Mayan Date - "12-21-12" as a benign non-event but there may be more to this date than many people realize. I was recently talking to a friend about this and he shared the following with me about the Mayan Date. (Thanks M. R.)

Many cultures, including the Mayans, Chinese and many others (10 or so) have known about December 21st, 2012. Could it be that Satan revealed this date to those cultures for a reason and that so much was spoken about the date because certain entities would appear ie - the winged serpent (Garuda, etc.) and enlighten the human race? Could it be that this date involves a setup for a grand deception as well? People throughout the world have been looking for this date expecting enlightened saviors to come to earth, but in reality it will be unleashing of demonic deceptive spirits.

So again, as I have examined this matter, I believe that while it may not be related to an apocalypse bringing massive geological catastrophe, it may instead be tied to the release of UNDERWORLD spirits!

According to Jeremiah 39:3, the first event that takes place is that the walls of the city are penetrated and then the Princes of Babylon come in and sit at the “middle gate.”

In the spirit realm the "middle gate" would be the second heaven where evil spirits dwell over the earth.

Portals Will Open

And just as I have warned that this event is the invasion of demons into America, in this second scenario, this would mean the invasion of demon principalities into the whole earth! Thus bringing to fruition the announcement made at the Olympic Opening Ceremony of a coming release of evil spirits from the underworld! Read

If this somehow applies to the Mayan Prophecy, does this mean that when the earth passes through the Galactic Plane, which is scheduled to occur on that date, it is somehow going to open portals to the underworld?

The Mayan Prophecy has been under scrutiny by many people. Some speculate that it may cause world calamity and terrible destruction. Some speculate that it just signifies the end of an era. The era would be the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

I am reminded of a question that the disciples asked of Jesus, “Lord what will be the sign of your coming and the END OF THE AGE?”

The world is about the experience the end of an age!

When we examine these things through the spiritual lens, is it possible that the entry into the coming New Age will include the opening of spiritual portals?

Ladies and Gentleman, I believe that if this calculation has merit, I do not want to discount or nullify a potential warning that great changes are upon us.

As I have been trying to process all of this information, I believe that the first calculation does apply to America the Babylon.

The Second calculation, (the Jewish calendar) I am still trying to pray about and figure out. But if it is also true, the ramifications are going to be very profound to the coming spiritual climate of Planet Earth. This is why I am sharing it with you. Perhaps this finding reinforces research that others have done about this matter.

The Galactic Plane

If crossing the galactic plane will result in the opening of spiritual portals worldwide, then this could explain how the world seems to already be going mad. And it is only going to get worse.

This could also mean a zombie apocalypse for the whole earth. No one will be immune! This adds another variable to the equation of those thinking about moving to a different country.

Please keep in mind that with an influx of more demon spirits, a destination nation could become much more evil than what you may be presently reading in the brochure.

This coming infestation of evil spirits will resemble the stirring of a demonic hornet's nest. It will result in satanic swarms that overcome areas of the planet like a dark cloud of slurry and menacing evil! Some of their dark influence could be nations driven into a frenzy for war!

Right now the Middle East is a powder keg. Diplomacy will become more difficult when murderous spirits are after the blood of fallen soldiers.

Again my friends, I am still searching for more clarity on the Jewish date. But I still believe that great evil is scheduled to be released on January 20, 2013. This evil is then going to spread worldwide. The so called "zombie apocalypse" remains a threat that will gather traction in the coming months as men's hearts are smothered in darkness!

Conclusion: This situation is critical. The people of God must commit themselves to serious prayer about these matters. The time is very short and this also lends merit to the insight of Ephesians 6. The armor of God will become a necessary tool for all Christians who wish to endure these coming events.

We are only looking at one or two months before these dates are upon us.

(to be continued)

God Bless You All,
Nathan Leal - Watchman's Cry




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