Drought Prophecy Update! ( August 13, 2011)

It appears that this prophecy ( Posted over two years ago) is well under way right now. Its intensity is not a celebration but instead, it is a cause for lament.

But how many in the parched land will repent?



"There SHALL be Drought in the Land !"
A Word of Fallow Ground Judgment!
Nathan Leal - March 18, 2009

Behold, men's hearts have not followed Him. Men's hearts have not feared Him.
They are parched in the wasteland of their idols and deception.

Neither do they thirst for Him, the River of Life.
Neither do they desire to bathe by the brook of His cleansing fountain.

The soil of their hearts is dry and fallow.

And still, the holy messengers cry out, "Come to the river and drink!

But the people would not have it!

For they desired their own cup. The drink of their toils. Their sip of the earth.

Therefore, their land shall become a desert. Their plantings shall dry up as dust. Their land shall be sick. It shall harvest death. Their visitation shall be a drought from above.

The sun shall give her portion and their cattle shall starve to flesh and bone.
They rejected Him, the Champion of their soul, therefore their champions of the land, their herds shall be destroyed.

Until their cries come to heaven, it shall be done.

Until the people turn back, it shall be done.

Their herds shall groan because the sleeping ones do not cry out to heaven.

Where are those that seek? Where are those that thirst?

Where are the voices and the cries of His people? Behold, they are in the place of His shelter.

But the others shall have no remedy.

Nathan Leal - A Watchman
March 18, 2009


A note about this word.

Brethren, I have been seeking God about this matter over the last several months. I have been asking Him if He has been judging the land with drought already.

Last night He answered me with this word, that it is indeed already underway in parts of the country. And it is going to get worse....VERY MUCH WORSE!!

Cattle will be butchered to save ranches. The will cause an influx of beef but after the glut in the market, there will be no cattle left. This will affect the prices of meat in the future.

Please do what you need to do now to prepare for this situation.

These events are not global warming or coincidence or cycles, They are the judgment of God!

God Bless,

Nathan Leal

March 18, 2009



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