America’s Coming Super Depression
A Warning to America and to the World!
Nathan Leal - November 29, 2009

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Hello friends, over the last several months I have been wrestling with a prophetic warning that I received from God. In this letter, I am going to share these things with you.

This warning from God is not one to be taken lightly. Based on its contents, every one that is reading this prophetic alert needs to prepare themselves and their families for very hard events that are approaching. The warning of God always begins with a trumpet sound. And by the leading of the Holy Spirit, I am sounding an alarm.

A very loud alarm!

If you reside within the borders of the United States, what is coming, concerns you and your family. If you reside outside of the borders, you will also feel the residual effects of what is coming. So likewise, take notice!
A quick summary of this warning includes the following: In our future, America is going to face the incredible torrent of a Dollar crisis. How bad will it be?  Bad enough to forever change the landscape of the United States! What is coming will not be a mere correction in the markets, but instead, will be at the level of currency extinction!

The Super Depression

It is not easy to share these things. But as Americans, we are all facing a tsunami of economic destruction! The US Dollar is going to collapse! As a result, life in America is going to change. The once strong middle class of the USA is going to be slaughtered and replaced with a new type of lifestyle. The rest of the world calls this lifestyle; Third world living!

The historians that chronicle the approaching crisis in America will have to fumble to find the right words; The Greatest Depression - The Dark Years of America - The Super Depression, etc.

America, the once mighty fortress of commerce and strength has lost her luster to the world. And in the next few years, this will become very evident to her apathetic citizens.

When the financial super storm arrives, the administration will no longer be able to lie to the public and say, "All is well and recovery has begun!"

It will be difficult for the media, to successfully tell the general public that things are okay, when the people are starving and eating out of garbage dumpsters!

A Prophetic Dream - The Dollar's Demise

In a recent Audio, released October 16, 2009, I shared this warning including some prophetic dreams that revealed the details of what is coming. I would like to share those things again in this message that you are now reading.

It all started, approximately 7 months ago, in early 2009. Back then, I had a prophetic dream that I kept to myself because I did not understand it. I consulted other Christians about it. But they did not understand it either. Some of them said that the dream could not be correct because the timing of it did not match popular predictions.

The dream was very short but this is what occurred;

The Dream begins  ---------------------------------------

I was speaking to a financial expert who told me that in Mid-August of 2010, wheels would be put into motion to abandon the US dollar and after this happened, everything was going to change!

End of dream. ---------------------------------------------

For seven months, I wondered about this dream. One of the main reasons, was because many people were saying that in the fall of 2009, the dollar would crash. So, I kept the dream to myself because it went against the popular warnings that many of you had read during the spring and summer of 2009.

But still, I kept praying and seeking God about it. And finally, God answered my prayers. Approximately August 15, 2009, I had another prophetic dream.

Second Dream begins: ----------------------------------

In this dream, I found myself at a shopping mall. I was hungry, so I decided to go to the food court to eat. When I arrived there, all of the food court restaurants were closed and out of business except for one. It had a sign; it was called "School Cafeteria."

Many people were in line to eat at this School Cafeteria Restaurant. I remember saying to myself, "Well this will be good. School food is cheap!" I assumed that the meal would be about two dollars!

The restaurant did resemble a school cafeteria. The ladies serving the food were school cafeteria workers. As I ordered my food, there was only one choice for a meal. It was a slab of processed chicken with some mashed potatoes and a few green beans. I took the plate of food to the cashier. Then she said, "That will be $30!"

"Thirty dollars!" I protested!

"I'm not going to pay that!" I said!

I left the food and walked away. I exited the shopping mall and decided to go eat somewhere else. As I left the mall, a restaurant appeared in front of me. It was a Chinese restaurant. I walked toward it. There was a waiter standing outside of the restaurant showing everybody his menu. The waiter was Chinese.

I walked up to him and said, "I just want coffee. How much is a plain cup of coffee?"

The Chinese waiter smiled and pointed to his menu. As I looked at the menu it read, “Coffee - $10.”

Again, I was shocked and angry that it cost so much money. So I walked away.

The dream was over. ------------------------------------

When I had this dream, I did not realize that it was a confirmation to my earlier dollar dream several months previous. So again, I kept it to myself. Then I had a third and final dream just several weeks ago at the beginning of October, 2009. But this dream helped me to finally understand what God was trying to say.

The third dream begins ---------------------------------

Again, in the dream I was hungry, but this time, I was in the cafeteria of an actual school! I am not sure if it was a middle school or a high school.

As I got in the line to get some food, I asked the cashier if they were still open. She said, "Yes but in order to get a special price, you need to have five people in your group.”

I noticed that all of the other people in line were adults. In fact, I did not see any children. The adults all looked like they had been working the whole day. I noticed a prostitute in the line and also a construction worker who was dirty. The prostitute looked dirty and middle aged.

I asked the cashier, “What is the special?"

She said, “Well, it is Thanksgiving dinner!"

I asked her, "How much is the dinner?"

She said,” It is five meals for ninety-nine dollars!"

I shouted, “Five for ninety-nine dollars! That is twenty dollars each!”

She said, “Yes! And if you want it for this price, you need five people in your group!”

Again, I protested.

The dream was over! ------------------------------------

After I had the third dream, I began to realize that these three dreams actually went together. So, I began seeking God over many days and hours of prayer.

And finally God answered! This is the message that God revealed through the Holy Spirit (Note - I was told the following by the Holy Spirit approximately October 14, 2009)

He said:

"In the days ahead, a secret meeting is going to take place somewhere in the world. The participants of this meeting will decide that they are going to abandon the US dollar. And the target date that they would decide to begin abandoning the dollar would be what you heard in the first dream, Mid-August of 2010!"

The date or the location of the meeting was not revealed to me.

I also need to be very clear; my prophetic dream did not say that in Mid-August of 2010 the dollar would collapse. What it did say, was that in Mid-August of 2010, the wheels would be put into motion to begin abandoning the dollar. After that, everything was going to change!

Everything will Change!

I find it interesting that in the dream, I heard the word "Change!"  That was the moniker of the Obama administration: Change!

I believe that the “Change” that is coming is going to be very, very unpleasant and will result in a much different existence than what Americans are used to! I wonder if this coming “change” was part of their plan all along?

For the record, I do not know how long it will take for this “change” to work itself through the financial history of America. I do not know if it will take one year, five years or 10 years.

God only revealed that in August of 2010 wheels would be put into motion.

Also, when these wheels are put into motion, I do not know if they will be announced to the news media. It is entirely possible that all of these events are going to take place behind the scenes. Therefore, it may be difficult to track them. God did not tell me if this news would be made public.  

At the time of this writing, late November, 2009, it is possible that the meeting to abandon the dollar has already taken place. Or, it may still be coming. I do not know! (I am handicapped by limited prophetic information.)

Nevertheless, the remaining months of the dollars health are sure to be bumpy as the dollar spirals downward.

Some things that I have wondered about are:

  1. Will the US dollar lose much of its value before the wheels are "placed in motion" for abandonment in August of 2010?
  2. Will the dollar’s future performance be so horrible, that it will cause this decision will be made?
  3. Was the Thanksgiving dinner that was being served in my third dream a clue to the timing of when these things will happen? Again, I don't know!

But the conclusion about this prophetic warning is this; the US Dollar’s days are numbered!

Expensive Food

During the coming super depression, one of the sources of food will be provided by government soup kitchens. Hence the school cafeteria feeding adults!

Another big player in the coming Dollar collapse will be China. That is why a Chinese restaurant was in my dream. So besides soup kitchens, another food source will be the smiling Chinese! But getting food from China will come with a hefty price! A price that many Americans will either be unwilling or unable to pay! Why? Because in the future, as the dollar loses its value and also its reserve currency status, things in America are going to become very, very expensive!

How expensive is it going to be? Were the prices of the meals in my dream an indicator of what is coming? Those meals saw increases of 500 to 1000% !

As I continued seeking God, I asked Him, “How bad is it going to be?"

And it was through several more hours of prayer and travailing that I actually saw the picture of what is coming to America. And what I heard was very, very disturbing!

Lamentations is Coming to America!

Sharing these things is not easy because I do not know if I can justifiably describe the intense horror that lies ahead in our future. As I was seeking God, the Holy Spirit whispered to me, “Lamentations is coming to America!”

When I pressed for an explanation, I was told that the things that are written in the Old Testament book of Lamentations would happen in America's future. The Holy Spirit told me to read the book of Lamentations. Also, He said when you see the word Jerusalem in Lamentations, substitute the word America as you read it! Not to rewrite the Scriptures, but instead to get a picture of how things are going to look in our future.

So I did! And I was overwhelmed with what I read.

When the prophet Jeremiah wrote the book of Lamentations, it became his diary of what he saw when Jerusalem was invaded. As he wrote his report, he was overwhelmed with tears, heart ache, grief and sorrow! (Lamentations 1:16)

His words painted a picture of something that is only witnessed in nightmares!

He saw people that he knew and loved starving to death in the streets! (Lamentations 2:11)

He witnessed the death of children that just a few years earlier he held in his arms as swaddling babies! (Lamentations 2:22)

He witnessed the ear piercing screams of mothers holding their dying children who pined away from hunger! (Lamentations 2:12)

He saw the young men of the town who had been pierced through by the invaders! (Lamentations 2:21)

He witnessed an economy that was destroyed with failed money! Only people willing to trade their valuables were able to get bread! (Lamentations 1:11)

He saw all the wealth of the city looted by foreigners. (Lamentations 5:2)

He saw people who were once rich, reduced to begging in the streets! (Lamentations 3:17)
As Jeremiah witness all of these things, his strength and his health failed him. It was too much for him to bear! He tells us in Lamentations that the things he saw made his digestion system fail!” (Lamentations 2:11)

Lamentations, five chapters describing the judgment of God! And soon, these same events will visit the land of America!

From coast to coast, the fall of America's economy will be evident. Restaurants, stores, and shopping malls will become abandoned "see-through" buildings with broken windows and in disrepair. People who once stood in line for concert tickets will instead be standing in line for food!

The Cup of Iniquity !

Why? Because America's cup of iniquity is full! God is holding the cup in His hand…. and it is boiling!

The voices of God's messengers have been warning for years that America needs to repent! But instead, America went the other way. In her arrogance, she has boasted that she does not need God or His commandments. And now America’s leader has proclaimed that she is not a Christian nation!

Her judges have proclaimed that freedom to “do what thou wilt” is nobler than “Thine will be done!” 

America is guilty! The blood of her innocent ones flows through her sewers. They cry out from the ground and also from her cosmetics, facial creams, and vaccines! America has committed crimes against the laws of her forgotten God and also, against humanity!

And now it has been determined that she must pay!

Therefore, coming soon to America, the things written by Jeremiah in Lamentations! So my friends, do yourself a favor and read it!

Can it be stopped? It is already arriving!

The hardship that is coming to America is not a typical business cycle. It is going to be the largest financial reboot in the history of humanity! The United States dollar is going to lose its reserve currency status in the world.

When this happens, the citizens of America will learn the real meaning of poverty, a lifestyle that half of the world's population has already been experiencing for many years.

Bitter or Better

The events that are coming are going to be bitter-sweet to the population. Some people will not be able to handle it, and they will fail in the future journey. Many will fall by the wayside through defeat or through self-destruction. The emotional heart ache and stress that the future is going to bring will be too much for some individuals. Spiritual endurance will be the key to survival!

What is coming is not a curse. It is a chastisement. And yes, it will also be painful!

Very painful!

But through the coming events of hardship, many of God's people are going to discover the true providence of God. Many in his remnant are also going to discover and realize that the best things in life are not things! Many people will actually discover their faith in God. They will realize that the path that lies ahead will be an opportunity to minister to the weak as they themselves are also being purged.

The time to prepare for all of these things is now, my friends! The spiritual bank account needs to have some deposits…NOW!

Your bank account of prayer needs to have some deposits….NOW!

Your knowledge of the Word of God needs to increase…NOW!

If by chance you are reading this and you happen to be famous or wealthy. Perhaps you're a celebrity in your field and have a lot of self-confidence. Please know this; the storm that is coming is not going to play favorites.

The only thing that will save you or any of us is humble repentance to the Lord God, your Creator! Jesus Christ!

So how do we prepare ourselves for what is approaching?

Get Ready!

Step one - get your spiritual house in order. The only ones that will be able to weather what's coming will be those that have surrendered their lives to God in repentance and in humble favor in His sight.

I am not just talking about first-time believers! I am talking about everybody! We must all repent! The majority of people who call themselves Christians today are living an unfortunate two-faced lie; where they have a life that is full of closet sins. In the future, having these dark secrets will not work in one’s favor to be protected by God.

I must also mention that this is an “equal family opportunity.” Entire families under the same roof should be challenged to repent! So, Moms and Dads! Please have a meeting with your children and tell them what is coming!  And then, either pray with them or start praying for them!!

After a session of repentance, begin preparing with practical means. The window of opportunity to prepare is closing before our very eyes. Start now by saving extra food because it's going to get very, very expensive!

If possible, pay off your car or buy a cheaper car that is free and clear. If job loss is in your future, you do not want to be worrying about a car payment.

If you have a savings or retirement fund, take the time to educate yourself on preserving your wealth. Notice, I did not say increasing your wealth! I said preserve your wealth! Why is that? Because when the dollar starts losing its value, people who have their money in savings accounts will see the buying power of their dollars diminish.

Hedge the value of your money now, by converting it to gold or silver bullion or other currency. You may need to get advice from individuals who not only are qualified but who also understand that the dollars going to crash. Please do not choose generic financial advisors who have no knowledge of what is coming. They will steer you wrong!

Educate yourself now on the science of preparation. Research this topic on the Internet, read Christian forums. But by all means, get started now if you have not already.

There is much work to be done!

Find the mercy of God my friends. Do it now!

God bless you,

Nathan Leal – A Watchman
November 28, 2009















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