A Message to the Pastors of the Land
Nathan Leal – June 8,2008
Note - Pastors If these words apply then let them apply, if they do not, then pray for your brethren!

To the shepherds across the land, I ask.

Pastors, do you love our Lord? 

Your people starve!  There is a famine is in your church.

The portions to your flock, why so small!

They wither into dead carcasses. They grow weak.

Pastor, do you see them? Or are you too busy?

Busy choosing your next sermon…

…from the internet. Your sermons; bought for a pittance.

The dry boned people give you their portion.

They bring their offerings, expecting from you the oracles of God. And at the table, they wait… to have their empty plates filled.

They wait in vain!

Do you hide yourself away and go on a journey; a journey to the throne room of God?

Do you enter the heavenly places and petition the Master?

Do you clutch the horns of the altar and cry, “I need a word for my people!”

Do you seek the manna, His secrets, His mysteries…
                                   ….His treasures of darkness?

Your people; the flock of God! Are they precious to you?

Do you seek out the lost ones, and weep with the sad ones?

Their stains!

They do not know! They do not know how to be ashamed, because you have not taught them!

They do not know! They do not know how to sigh and cry over the sins of this land, because you have not shown them!

Show them!

Each new day brings shame to your name, for these things are being remembered; Remembered with a writers ink horn, inscribed into the Chronicles of the Things of God.

Repent Pastors! The Lord cries out!

The door is closing. Repent!


Nathan Leal - A Watchman
June 8, 2008



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