A Sincere Letter from a Former Assembly of God Minister
Nathan Leal - May 20, 2008

Greetings Saints and Brethren. I have a burden. It is a huge burden.
What I need to share it not easy. So I guess I will just say it.

As all of you are well aware, there are interesting things happening right now in the U.S. The financial news for the U.S. and the world looks grim. Gas prices are killing the budgets of many of us. Earthquakes everywhere, Killer Cyclones, Food Rationing, Rumours of war (with Iran)...what's going on???

Signs are Around Us

I am a Bible believing minister of God. And because I am a minister I have been digging into the recent world events.

I have also been digging into prophecy for over 25 years. So I asked myself, are we seeing prophecy happening before our eyes? Well, folks are we?

What's Next?

If we are witnessing prophecy, where are we in the timeline?

It is very easy to just "spit" out the traditional Christian answer, "Yes, we are in the end times, and Jesus is about to rapture all of us."

I have said it myself in the past, however, I really want to know!

According to the news that I am hearing on CNN, I am starting to hear the "D" word , ( A Depression !)

I do not like that! Am I prepared for a depression! Are you? Well... are you?

So Where Are We In the Timeline?

When I attended Bible College, we were told very little about the end times. Its true! The end times are not taught in an in depth way in Bible College.

When I graduated and began ministering, I started teaching about the end times to the church.

How did I do that? Easy, I bought a book on the subject and just repeated what I read.
Was I teaching the truth? I didn't know, I just assumed the author knew what he was talking about. So I trusted his words.

And so, I did what thousands of preachers are doing today, I repeated what I read in a book.

My Wrestling

Here is the part that is hard to say. The end time teaching that I was feeding to people was never really studied by me.

So I went on a quest. I needed to REALLY study the scriptures and confirm if what I was teaching was true.

The biggest part of end time teaching that I was struggling with was the teaching of the pre-tribulation rapture. So I dug....searched....and sought God about the matter.

Coming to Terms

So, finally after 4 years of study, I learned what the Bible had to say on the matter. And here is where you come in. What I am about to say will be hard for some of you. Some of you will stop reading this...and if so, God Bless You.

The rest of you, please just consider what I have to say.

I cannot in any shape or form, find the pre-tribulation rapture in an HONEST scriptual Bible study. I have looked! Believe me, I REALLY want it to be there, but I cannot find it.

What Does This Mean?

What does it mean? I had to ask myself the question, if it were possible that we might actually be here for a hard future ( Revelation events)!

I wondered, "What might we face AND are we prepared for it?"

And here is where my burden started. I sought God on the matter, He confirmed!

"Warn the People," He said.

"You are a Watchman," He told me.

But I wanted to be sure, so I tried contacting prophetical ministers on the internet.
God was giving them visions lately. Many of them.

Conclusion, the ears of todays ( real ) prophets are all hearing the same thing, "Judgment is coming to America, the pre-tribulation teaching is ERROR, Christians in America are in for a hard future and do not even realize it!"

Now What?

I am following the instructions of God to warn the church to prepare for what is coming. This website will deliver this message.

Friends, please come in with an open heart. We are not children of darkness, therefore I am shining a light on what all of these events mean.

I plan to have much information on what is going on and how you can prepare your family for what lies ahead.

I know that there will be some who would rather "argue with" and "shun" this message, than prepare their families. If that is you, God Bless You!

Otherwise, I welcome all.

God Bless You and your Families!

Nathan Leal - A Watchman


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