The People of God Do Not Understand Judgment
Nathan Leal - June 16, 2008

"Even the stork in the heavens Knows her appointed times; And the turtledove, the swift, and the swallow Observe the time of their coming. But My people do not know the judgment of the LORD. " Jeremiah 8:7

From pulpits across the land the proclamation is heard, “We are in the last days!” Not just the last days but the “VERY” Last Days!

With all of the events transpiring lately, it is kind of hard to deny that concept.

Unfortunately, many people do not know what that concept means, or maybe they really don’t want to understand what it means.

If this is you, then this is your “lucky” day because I am about to tell you!

Here goes: If we are in the last days, then that means that the judgment of God has begun across the land!

That's Not What I Heard!

If you happen to be one of the students of motivational, prosperity sermons then it means that your perfect little prosperous world is about to be turned “upside-down”!

I know, I know, your seed faith preacher told you that all you had to do was “give” money to “him” and do ”some believing” and all would be well!

The prosperity will flow. Maybe God will send a money angel or two to reward your finances?

Well, my brother or my sister, how can I put this? Perhaps some people have not heard the official announcement?

I guess I will just say it;

“ATTENTION: all people far and wide, the judgment of the Lord God Almighty, whom you serve, has begun!”

Now I know that there are some of you who have not heard this from your preacher but there is an explanation.

“The heads thereof judge for reward,
and the priests thereof teach for hire,
and the prophets thereof divine for money:
yet will they lean upon the LORD, and say, Is not the LORD among us? none evil can come upon us.

Therefore shall Zion for your sake be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house as the high places of the forest.”   Micah 3:11,12

You see, it is real unfortunate!

Greasy Grace

The church of today has lost the knowledge of who God REALLY is!  There is a sloppy teaching about “Greasy–Grace” that has kept a lot of Christians in the baby stage of growth.

This deceptive teaching has convinced many that God is about love and grace only! The people have not been taught that God is also a God of Righteousness and Judgment.

Foul !

Because of this, when a prophet or a messenger of God shows up and starts to declare that judgment is coming, the people of God cry “foul” and accuse the messengers and prophets of “cursing” the land!

Oh yes! I have actually had people accuse me of “cursing” the USA.  I have also had people tell me that they “rebuke” my “curses” in the name of Jesus!

Interesting isn’t it. God this very minute is raising up His messengers who are declaring these things, but some ignorant Christians say, “stop saying that, we don’t deserve that!”

I then explain to them that since they woke up yesterday; 4,000 innocent babies were slaughtered in this country of the “holy” USA!

In one day, folks!

I also go on to explain that a portion of the abortions that are committed in this country are committed by “CHRISTIANS”!!!!!!!

But that does not matter to them, because they then answer and tell me, “ Well you are not sent from God!”

Silly People!

It is called denial, brethren!

There are still those out there who live in a bubble of denial. But what purpose does that serve. It just makes you look silly.

“How so,” you ask? Because God told us in Jeremiah that even the animals like a “stork” knows her appointed times!

Why can't people? Perhaps because the people are silly!

"Even the stork in the heavens Knows her appointed times…”

But in spite of looking silly, people will still resist that man of God declaring the warning message!

That is pretty bad folks, think about that! A bird is DUMB! But still knows!

So if people do NOT know, then in a sense, these people are “dumber” than a bird?


Please don’t send me hate mail!

Folks, listen to these words;

The “Beginning of Sorrows” has commenced. It has started with a “BANG!”  There can be no doubt that the 2008 is a year etched on the timetable of God!

All Is Well?

But those shepherds out there who are mere hirelings have convinced the people that “all is well!”

So when God sends His messengers what happens?

“Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city:”  Matthew 23:34

Why would God send judgment? Again, if the shepherds had done their job the people would know the answer.

“…when thy judgments are in the earth,
the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.”   Isaiah 26:9

Makes sense, doesn’t it brethren?

Today’s church is a “Spotty Mess”! 

Let’s take the purging like grown ups. It will make us white!

And after all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

God Bless You,

Nathan – A Watchman

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