"A Mighty One has Gone!"
April 28, 2011

Rev. David Wilkerson has died! He left this earth on April 27, 2011.

He has gone on to join the cloud of witnesses.

His passing comes to me as a shock. When I heard the news I quickly retreated to my prayer closet. I collapsed into sadness and travail. His passing has struck me with many emotions. I find myself in great sorrow!

I know that he is now with the Lord. But I still find myself in much grief. Today's Church has lost a Great Man of God.

He was a pastor, a prophet. He had compassion for the lowly and the downtrodden.

He had a message of repentance that touched an untold amount of lives. Can anyone fill his shoes? To be sure! But who is willing to pay the price? Who is willing to count the cost? Who is willing to say, "Yes Lord, here I am!"

Who understands that the anointing comes with great pain?
Who can know that the fruits of labor can only come from soil that is softened with tears?
Who has the desire to lay before a Holy God in travail to seek His mighty touch?
Who has the desperation to taste from His living well?
Who will battle the leanness of soul that plagues so many?
Who understands that victory never exceeds our prayer life?
Who has that thirst for a drink? And the giving heart to share that drink?
Who has the heart beat to point the wandering ones back to the road?
Who understands that the pulpit is a privilege with the power to heal or to destroy?

Brother Wilkerson understood these things. He knew how to get a hold of the elements from another dimension! God used him. And now he is gone!

I believe that Brother Wilkerson's death is very significant. I believe it to be a marker in the present season of Judgment upon America and the earth.

He saw the visions. He knew the terror that the world will soon behold.

The Lord has spared him the pain of what is to come!

The trumpeter has gone. And now, there shall be great mourning in the streets!

I believe that his passing is a sign that the judgment is about to enter a new phase!

Enter into His rest my brother. You have labored well. You have given us an example.

In Mourning,
Nathan Leal
April 28, 2011


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