Watchman's Cry Program #165 - Part 4
Notes and Images for Part 4 - The Mark of the Beast - The Mystery of Iniquity!

The images below accompany the information shared in Part 4 of this series. Note - audio is in two segments. (Over two Hours)

Listen to Part 4-A

Listen to Part 4-B



Image 1 - The commissioned 27 ton bell that was created for the Olympic Ceremony.
Danny Boyle stated that it was the largest harmonically tuned bell in the world. Why was it created to be 27 tons? The answer has several layers.

One of them is the hidden number of Tubal Cain. (ie - two balls and a cane.) The Freemasons consider the cipher of "two balls and a cane" to also mean, "007" or
the numbers two and seven, (as in the image below.)

The number 27. The bell weighed 27 tons. Coincidence?

Another question - to what frequency is the bell "tuned?" What effect does the frequency have on a person listening? What entity can this frequency summon?

Many questions. Many mysteries.




Images 2 and 3 - During the "Peter Pan" segment of the ceremony. Hospital beds were used as props to create symbols on the field. In the images above the beds are used to form two circles or "two balls" which again reveals the cipher of "two balls and a cane."

Also please make note that the their dark symbolism had several layers. Another image that was created with the beds, was the pagan witchcraft symbol of the crescent moon in a circle, among other things.

The "cane" portion of the cipher is revealed in the image below. The cane is located on every childs bed.




Image 4 - Every childs bed had a cane shaped fixture attached to the headboard with a light on the end. This "cane" symbolism completes the cipher. The other message in this symbolism is that "Tubal Cain / Vulcan's" - Demonic "Ray of Light" is going to shine down on the children. This is a dark message that the children will be indoctrinated to accept their plan.


Image 5 - The Olympic Stadium had fourteen Masonic Pyramid Light Structures. The number fourteen has 2 sets of 7. Again we can see in one the layers of symbolism the number 27. Tubal Cain's number (ie - two balls and a cane.)



Image 6 - In occultic literature and folklore, the city of Pandemonium is the capital city of Hell. The architect for this city was the demon Mulciber. Mulciber means "the smelter" in Latin.

Mulciber is also known as Vulcan.

And to the Freemasons, Vulcan is Tubal Cain.



Image 7 - During the Satanic Mills portion of the ceremony, a percussion band called "Pandemonium" played an evil drumbeat during the whole segment. Their hypnotic cadence created the dark atmosphere which contributed to their occultic ritual.

(Correction 9-10-12: A listener has informed me that the band is called "Underworld" which was playing the segment of "Pandemonium". How interesting that even in this correction, the underlying message is confirmed even more....!)

And it was also during this ritual that we were shown the mystical construction of Satan's New World Order Capital City of Pandemonium.

This evil framework is in formation folks. The people of the Lord Jehovah must get ready.



Images 8 and 9 - Photos of the occultic New Agers - Alice Bailey and Benjamin Creme.

In the coming Great White Throne Judgment, these two individuals are going to have to give an account to the Lord Jehovah for all of their lying deceptions.

They are also going to confess that Jesus is Lord! But it will be too late!


Image 10 - I wanted to point something out about this portion of the ceremony. When the giant satanic sorcerer was in the field, the hospital beds formed two giant rings around him.

Please make note of the gesture that all of the children, nurses and doctors are doing.

Here is a close-up below.

Do you see it folks? The children and hospital workers are lifting their hands and worshiping the giant satanic sorcerer. The hidden message in here is not so hidden! The new age expects the world to give allegiance to their coming Satan man.



Image 11 - The Maypole is a pagan ritual ceremony used to worship Gaia, the false spirit of the earth.

According to New Age Theosophy beliefs - Gaia / Mother Earth is a highly evolved ascended spirit.

But the New Age is deluded and warped in ther beliefs.

The Bible says in Isaiah 66:1:

"Thus saith the LORD, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool..."

Folks, the earth is not a living being. The earth is God's creation.




Please listen to our audio series as we discuss these things.

Listen to the Part 4 Here. This session is in two segments, over two hours:

Part 4-A

Part 4-B



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