Watchmans Cry Program #165 - Part 7
Special End Times Audio Series!

"Finding Rescue and Strength While Living in Babylon!"

This is a Refreshing Sermon that will help those dealing with the coming reality of the End Times.

During the Summer Olympic Ceremony of 2012, some very dark things took place before the whole world that relate to Bible prophecy.

In this multi-part series, we have been examining the events that are coming upon this planet. These things will be very challenging to face as they come to fruition.

For the Christian, these times will be especially hard as tyranny and darkness obtains deeper grasp over this world.

Ladies and gentlemen, the spirit of Babylon is arriving in America.

As it gains traction, its influence of evil will spread worldwide. In this decline, the remaining pockets of light will be overshadowed with a canopy of darkness.

This will result in a climate that will test the hearts of men.

So what are the people of God supposed to do? Give up? Give in?

Ignoring this coming ailment will not prepare us. Our only choice is to seek to understand the coming weather and strengthen ourselves to face it.

That is the purpose of this message. It addresses the challenging reality that we must face. It deals with the following:

1. The spirit of Babylon is conquering the land.
2. What should the people of God do?
3. How to reset our focus on the things of God!
4. The "Nuts and Bolts" of renewal to strengthen the "Remnant of God."

(Note - This message is Part 7 of the Olympic Ceremony Series. Its purpose is to provide a spiritual remedy to comfort those who desire to get prepared.)

Therefore this message brings meat to the words "Get prepared Spiritually!"

Please share this series with your friends and family.

God Bless,
Nathan Leal


Listen to Part 7 here.
This session is in two segments:

Part 7-A

Part 7-B


Table of Contents: Contents of the Series

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