News from the Wall #14
"The Boston Bombing: Martial Law - America in Crisis!"
A Prophetic Warning of What's to Come!
April 26, 2013


America watched the chain of events unfold.

The Boston Marathon became a crime scene. Boston then found itself in lock down. Martial Law has officially arrived in America. The recent attack is another phase in the demise of America.

Nathan Leal dissects this event and exposes the problems of the official story.

Also included is a very important PROPHETIC WARNING of new events that are approaching.

The Police State is not coming, it has arrived!

This message will visit:

1. The Boston Marathon attack.

2. The official report, Is it true?

3. The scheme of the New World Order in these end times.

4. What does this mean for America?

5. A new prophetic warning - The coming civil war!

6. Having the right priorities.

7. A spiritual challenge - We must behave ourselves!

Please share this audio program with your friends and family.

God Bless,
Nathan Leal


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News from the Wall 14 - Listen to the audio


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