Nathan Leal's - "News from the Wall - #22"
An Audio Report & Warning from the Wall.

"America 2015 - Time is Running Out!"

Nathan Leal - January 12, 2015

(Program link to the audio is below.)

Ladies and gentlemen, in 2015, America will sail into uncharted waters. Uncharted, because we have never been here before.

  • This year, America will enter the seventh year of her judgment.
  • She is also in the final quarter of the Obama Cabal. Will it go into overtime?
  • What will become of the Ukraine Crisis...or the Oil Crash?
  • What will happen the the PetroDollar?
  • Will there be a war with Russia?
  • ...a false flag attack?

In the coming year, we will all watch as America enters the next phase of her nightmare.

My friends, we are approaching a nightmare, and when everybody wakes up, it will turn into a crisis; a crisis that will bring affliction and distress. The crisis will consist of several things and in this audio program, we will visit them.

This program also includes several new prophetic warnings. They include: the coming invasion of the Russian Bear, and a Nuclear or EMP attack.

Folks, time is running out. My prayer is that this message will light a fire of urgency in God's people, so that they can prepare for the challenging days that are ahead.

This message also includes a word of spiritual challenge and encouragement. The year is young and this is a good time to start fresh with a new heart of repentance and commitment to God. I hope and pray that the words in this message will touch those that need it.

The program is in two parts, please share it with your friends and your family.

In His Service,

Nathan Leal

Watchman's Cry


Listen to the audio message in two parts:

(to listen, click on the link below. To save to your PC right click)

"America 2015 - Time is Running Out! - Part 1"

"America 2015 - Time is Running Out! - Part 2"



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