Watchman's Chronicles
The Collapse of America:
Rise of the Beast

This is Volume 1 of our new DVD Series:

This DVD will biblically explain:

  • What the End Time Beast really is.
  • How the Beast will come to power.
  • The 10 Horns of the Beast explained.
  • The New World Order and Bible Prophecy.
  • The Roles of Fascism and Communism in End Time Prophecy.
  • America's Role in the End Times
  • The Coming Police State in America


Learn What the Scriptures Really Say
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Welcome to the GREATER Depression. The Great Bailout Robbery of America
Politicians will not save You!
What to Expect in a Depression.
How to prepare
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This video is still in production.
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The Time to Learn and Prepare is Now.

Today there is so much confusion about the end times. So many people believe that the "Left Behind" series is the truth on the last days.

But the fact of the matter is that the "Left Behind" series has created a fictional account of things that will never happen. The Pre-tribulation Rapture theory is fiction. The people of God must realize this and prepare for a future different than what they are expecting.

This DVD will get to the truth and shows with scripture, just exactly what the End Time Beast of Daniel and Revelation really is.

It will also explain why today's economy is vaporizing and the role that fascism and communism will play in future American and Western governments.

Your questions about the beast will be answered in this DVD where you will be taken step by step through the Old and New Testament scriptures.

Bible Prophecy is on the fast track in today's news.

Brethren, we are witnessing Bible prophecy right now before our very eyes. In the days ahead the people of the United States and the Western world are going to wake up to a new world. A world where freedom is a thing of the past.

Your family needs to watch this DVD so that they can prepare spiritually and emotionally to face these things. Use this film to wake then up to what really lies ahead.

This video is still in production.

When it is finished, it will be available for purchase.

Please note that purchasing this DVD will help to support The Ministry of Watchman's Cry and in turn the spreading of the warning message. Brethren, please don't send emails complaining that this offends you. If it does, then do not buy the DVD. Many months of hard work, and expenses have gone into this production. The laborer is worthy of his hire. The Watchman has a family to feed.