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Old 12-20-2013, 06:49 AM
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Nathan your message was as always right on target. Thank you for standing and warning Gods people despite what you are walking through, it took a lot of courage knowing you might be persecuted for being honest. I don't understand why people do what they do in calling it a punishment or something else saying God is against you. All things happen for our good and I am a firm believer in something Max Lucado said years ago. God always has a purpose for the darkness He allows us to walk through. No matter what that is the case and that is where our faith is important. We cannot subscribe to pity parties for ourselves, that takes away from the strength and character God is trying to build in us by allowing these things. He is making us warriors, and you my friend are a true warrior. Not many can stand up and say they have been as faithful as you have to the mission God has given to you. I appreciate you so much, in the past months, your messages have been all I have had time to listen to and read due to my circumstances, but I looked every day and have never missed one of them. I appreciate your transparency with lupus. My youngest daughter also has this disease. It is a daily struggle as you said on the program and just helps me appreciate what you do even more. Thank you so much Nathan. You are a good and faithful servant.


Lori J
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Old 12-20-2013, 12:03 PM
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Default Regarding the Temple Mount & Dome of the Rock

I listened to the entire show, and I recall that Nathan was somewhat perplexed as to why a blue evil spiritual entity would manifest below the Dome of the Rock. I must say, first, that I am certainly no scholar on Jewish history or Islamic history, but I would like to share this video by Brother Nathanael, a former Jew who converted to Orthodox Christianity and became an Orthodox priest. He has a number of videos on YouTube that help explain some persistent misperceptions about Judaism, especially among Christians. He alleges that the Temple Mount is NOT the Temple Mount at all, but is the remains of an ancient Roman Fortress, Fort Antonia, which the Roman General, Titus, allowed to remain in order to house the Roman 10th Legion. He cites that the Lord Jesus prophesied in the Gospel that "not one stone would remain standing upon another" of the Temple, which on its face implies no Wailing Wall. He also gives some shocking, eye-opening information about the Jewish practice of davening when they pray at the "Temple Mount" and when they pray in general anywhere for that matter that may shed some light on why this ground is not holy.
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