"The Coming Bank Failures -  A Prophetic Dream"

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By Nathan Leal - August 25, 2009

The FDIC will soon be insolvent!
They will need their coffer refilled with more funny money.


A few months ago in the early summer of 2009, I had a prophetic dream about the banks of America failing. I have not gone into detail about the dream, so I would like to do that now. And I would like to talk about how to prepare for this event.

The dream begins:

I found myself standing on a street corner in a small town somewhere in the USA. As I looked across the street, there was a bank in a small building. The building was perhaps 50 to 75 feet wide. It was a one story brick building with large pane windows.

I suddenly heard the sound of propellers from an airplane. The sound was coming from behind me. Before I had a chance to turn around and look, a small propeller plane flew right over my head. It was a small passenger plane that would hold about 20 people. It missed my head by about 10 or 15 feet. It then flew right into the windows of the bank across the street.

As it went through the windows and with the glass broken, I could then see inside of the bank. I did not see many people, but I did see one of the bank employees immediately stand up when the windows broke. His back was to the windows and before he had a chance to turn around, one of the wings of the plane knocked him down. He was wearing a white shirt and a tie. I knew that he was the bank manager. But he did not see the plane coming. He was caught off guard.

As I watched all of this happen, I found myself screaming in my dream. I felt panic and dread! I ran across the street toward the bank. I ran to the right of the building and up the driveway to the parking lot  on the other side of the building.

When I got to the parking lot, I saw the engine of the plane lying in front of me. As I looked to my left, I saw that the airplane had flown entirely through the bank and exited through this side. I expected to see a lot of debris inside the bank, including dead bodies. But I did not see that. It was just one giant hole with broken windows on the entry side and exit side of this bank. The furniture was gone; there was no debris, except for a fluorescent light hanging down by wire.

There was another person, perhaps a bank customer standing in front of me in the parking lot. I screamed to him, "Where is the plane?" He pointed to my right and said, "it crashed at the end of the parking lot!”

The dream was over.

What does this mean?

Over the next few days, I pondered the dream and took the matter to prayer. At first, I thought that this dream meant that a small plane was going to crash into a bank. But the Holy Spirit of God explained it to me:

  1. The small bank that I was looking at in the dream represents the small banks of America.
  2. The propeller plane represents the economy.
  3. The engine that fell into the parking lot represents the economic “engine” of America.
  4. The bank manager represents the leadership and owners of small banks.
  5. The crash of the plane represents an economic crash.


So here is what is going to happen:

At some point in our future, that economic “engine” of this country will no longer be able to bear its own weight. And it will fall off! When the economic engine falls off, it will cause the economy to crash.

Before the economy hits bottom, i.e. the airplane hitting the ground, it will take out and crash many small banks in America. When the crashing economy hits the small banks, the banks will be cleaned out. This is why I saw no debris in the banks. Does this mean they will be cleaned out of all of their money?

Also, when this event happens, the owners and managers of small banks will not see it coming. It will take them by surprise. This is why I saw the plane wing hit the manager in the back. He did not see it coming.

I believe that the panic and fear that I had in the dream will be the same panic that will overwhelm many people when this happens. Being caught off guard without the access to money or ATM debit cards could cripple the plans of Americans for days with no money to buy food or gas.

Also other things affected by sudden bank closures include:

  1. Access to safety deposit boxes
  2. Bill pay programs – Will a computer somewhere still pay your bills?
  3. Automatic deposit – “Where’s your money?”
  4. Where do you send your mortgage or credit card payment?
  5. Will checks bounce? – Will you get stuck with fees and a bad record?
  6. Access to your money – Was it insured? Will there be a delay getting it from the FDIC?
  7. Will a new bank take over the operations? How smooth will the transition be? Will your credit be affected because of loss payments or records?

When will this happen and What do I Do?

These are just a few of many issues that could arise in the event of a bank failure.

You may be wondering, “When will this crash happen?” That part I do not know. But I do consider this a warning from God.

What can you do about this? I would advise that you try to keep track of the health of your bank. Some banks are doing better than others. Some banks are very saturated with toxic loans. Finding out about the health of a bank may not be easy because today, many banks are cooking their books and lying to their customers. But in spite of this accusation, it would still be wise to try to find out the health of your bank. There are websites that are keeping track of the health of banks.

One of them is Bankrate. Here is their link: Read

Scroll down the left-hand side of the page to the section called “Safe and Sound Ratings”
or Read

Then type in the name of your Bank or Credit Union. I do have a caveat about researching the health of a particular bank. Their books could be “totally” erroneous and untrue to get a better rating. So in addition to researching your bank, I would also advise that you take the matter to prayer and ask God what to do.

Perhaps one remedy is to spread your money or savings into several banks. For those that are able, have some cash on hand. Some people have chosen to diversify their liquid assets into precious metals. Some people have chosen to invest their money offshore. Whatever you decide, let it be the Lord's leading.

I know that an article like this can create fear, but my intention is not to create fear. My purpose is to warn the people of God so that they can be prepared when this event happens.

God bless you, and may all of you be dwelling under the shelter of His wing.

Nathan Leal


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