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Flood to the Midwest? - ( Fulfilled )

Update June 13, 2008 Below - see (videos and story below)
Nathan Leal - May 29, 2008

This dream was very short but vivid.

In my dream I was up high above the land. I was above the rockies of the United States and looking forward toward the north.

Suddenly, I saw a torrent of muddy water flowing in the distance. Towards the northeast of where I was. It was like a very wide river. The water was a very murky brown, overtaking the land.

I heard the voice of the Lord say,
"The headwaters are overflowing. The banks have been breached."
note* fufilled! See story below!

Muddy water will spill into the land. The overtaken land was along this river and nothing could survive the power of the river. The water was very dirty.

I was not sure, but I think that this was happening in the Midwest of the United States.

I am also not sure what caused the flooding. I did not see a lot of rain. That struck me as odd.

The dream was over.


Conclusion: A Major Flood will occur. While I am not completely sure, I think the location is in the Midwest. But this one will be different. I am not sure why? A Flood but no rain to cause it! At times we only Prophesy in part. Therefore, I do not have all of the details.

Update: June 6, 2008 - I have been wondering if the reason that I did not see much rain in the flooded area is because the flooding source may be happening upstream hence the word that I heard from the Lord "The Headwaters" and as a result flood downstream. I guess that we shall see.

Update June 8, 2008 - Well it is starting to be all over the news that the Mid West is now experiencing record flooding. But I still have to say this, what I saw was a torrent. So I hope that we don't see any dam or levee failures. Which could be devastating!
Brethren pray for the people in the Mid West!

Update June 10, 2008 - I have seen some of the images on the news. The sun is in the sky, but now the rivers are rising. An image I saw resembled what I saw in my dream. No rain but flooding. Is this "IT" though? I still do not know. Nevertheless we ARE seeing record Flooding in the MIDWEST, listen to this news report talk about, "BANKS Overflowing" - Watch video

Update June 11, 2008 - Well brethren, The Lord has revealed to me that this flood event was my dream. There is going to be more flooding downstream. In addition to that, we are going to be seeing this flood effect the price of food in the fall harvest. Prepare!
see the related news story - Read Story - Watch video

Update June 13, 2008 - This is becoming historical brethren, they need our prayers.
Fufilment in progress! Note first sentence of this story! "The Cedar River poured over its banks..." - Read Story

Brethren prepare for high food costs, garden NOW, acquire food NOW!!


Date when this will occur - Unknown. - Update - June 11, 2008 ( Fulfilled )


The date that I had this Dream - May 29,2008


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