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An Event in Houston - Terrorist Attack , Industrial Accident or Catastrophe?

Date of dream - June 3, 2008 - Posted August 26,2008

I had this dream several months ago but I have not published it until now!

I do know what this dream means and I really did not want to reveal it because I have family in Houston. I do not want to scare them.

I also have faithful supporters that live in the Houston area and I do not want to scare them either.

So for almost 3 months I have kept this dream to myself.

But God has rebuked me. If I am a watchman, I am not to hoard a warning to myself. So brethren, I repent of not revealing this dream sooner.

I do not want to raise fear or unnecessary alarm. I do not know what caused the destruction in the following dream. I will just tell you what I saw.


I was in Houston inside of a building and I was looking out of a window.

Suddenly, there was a solid black cloud about 50 feet above the ground and it was several hundred feet tall and about 50 feet wide. It went by the window from left to right.

I am not sure if it was a tornado because it seemed to be more like a moving column of very black smoke. As it went pass the window, I saw that there was a tall and fat pine tree being carried in the smoke column.

The pine tree was totally black with soot all over it. It had no branches and it resembled a telephone pole. But it was not a telephone pole because I saw that there was still bark on the tree. It was a dirty, sooty black.

The cloud and the tree were traveling past the window at about 30 to 40 MPH.

After it went by, I got into my car to leave the building. I made a right turn and drove into the street. At the first intersection I made another right turn and after I drove a few blocks, the scenery suddenly changed.

It was like the scene of an apocalyptic movie.

The road was suddenly full of emergency equipment. Fire trucks, ambulances and hundreds of emergency workers. There were also young boy scouts helping out in the efforts.

Along the opposite side of the street were hundreds of people just staring at the destruction!

The scene was very eerie.

The vehicles were parked along the street of what was once, a large housing subdivision. But the houses were all gone. As far as I could see, there were no longer any houses left standing.

The entire neighborhood was gone: no houses, no cars, no bodies!

The only thing that was visible were the remnants of tall trees without their branches. The trees were solid black with soot all over them. They were all snapped off at about the 30 foot level.

The ground was also very black and sooty. It was not ash but more of like the black soot from a chimney.

I saw a child about 5 or 6 years old standing across the street just staring at the destruction. She was very sad. I went over to her and leaned over to talk to her but she would not answer. She seemed to be in shock. So I gave her a balloon and got back into my car to leave.

I drove further down the street about a half a mile until I came to an obstruction that cars could not get pass. The street was totally covered with a thick mud that was made out of the black soot. It was about 1 to 2 feet thick. There was no way to get past this muddy soot. It began to rain.

The dream was over.


Conclusion: This dream is a mystery to me because I do not know what could cause such destruction. At first it would seem that maybe a tornado did the damage, but that would not explain the black soot all over everything.

I do not want to speculate that it was done by a nuclear weapon, a conventional weapon or an industrial explosion. Or a combination of several of these things.

I do not know if the destroyed neighborhood was one of many. I do not know if it was accidental or on purpose!

Could a refinery explosion destroy a neighborhood? Could a terrorist attack at a refinery do this?

I have wondered about this dream for several months now. I feel that God wishes me now to publish it.

I hope that this dream will never happen.

Note* - To the people in Houston that may be reading this. Or to those with loved ones in the Houston area. If this dream is prophetic, there is no way to know when it will happen. So, my advice to you would be to make it a matter of prayer to the Lord our God Jehovah and ask Him to protect you and your family if and when this event occurs. He can do it brethren!

Again brethren, I hope that this dream will never happen!

Lord have mercy on us!

Date of dream - June 3, 2008

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