A Cry to the People of the Land
Nathan Leal – June 9,2008

Many voices are in the land. They cry out, “Peace and success!”

The people love these words. They eat them, they devour them.

They say, “Give us more words, words that shine and glisten!”

But the Elijah’s are rising, declaring, proclaiming.  From heaven’s mountain, they are shouting, “To all the people far and wide, your faith is in words that lie and deceive!”

For your coveting eyes have blinded you, your idols mark you. Your hardness has shamed you.

Open your ears and hear the Word of the Lord. He has declared it! He has compassion but the people are a haughty people.  They say that all is well, many blessings are ours!

But His cup is near to overflowing; His compassion is now in the words of his messengers. His prophets are rising; they have awakened, across the land.

The Lord’s army with words that will burn, they will cut, they will offend.

When His servants rise up, the people will scoff. They will mock.

But the compassion of the Lord will send His servants throughout this land.  Many will listen, few will turn.

The Elijah’s of God, The Elijah’s of God!

Send them forth Lord. With the power from heaven, let them be strong and smite down the haughty and bring hope to the weary.

Let them be strong!  They are olive trees for God, empowered in His strength. They are rising. The fury of God is in their eyes, the fire of God is in the Bosom. The Word of God is in their mouths.

The multitudes will laugh but a portion will groan and turn back to His love.

The judgment is set. The land groans.

Let the people repent!


Nathan Leal – A Watchman

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