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A Super Hurricane Dream
Nathan Leal - April 30, 2008

In my dream I saw very detailed numbers, places and events, the following are the details:

I was reading a newspaper, the USA Today.

I believe that the day was a Tuesday. The article was talking about the big Super Hurricane that was developing above Australia near Indonesia. The article even mentioned that the Commentators on Monday Night Football were talking about the Super Hurricane.

It was called a Super-Hurricane because of the intensity and pressure of this storm.

The Hurricane will start with the letter, " A ".

It will begin forming along or just below the Equator. The USA Today article mentioned that hurricanes DO NOT form along the Equator. So that is what made this storm so unique.

The barometric pressure of this storm was "23", The article said that, " In the history of hurricanes this had never happened."

Based on the pressure of this storm they called this Hurricane a category "9", in the USA Today article, the storm had already reached Category "8" strength. But they were expecting it to reach category "9" levels when it made landfall over northern Australia.

They were expecting massive devastation in Australia


Conclusion: A Super Hurricane will make landfall over northern Australia as a category "9" with pressure of 23. The wind power of such a storm has to be apocalyptic.

Date when this will occur - Unknown.

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