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Super Bowl 2014 -
The Harbinger of things to Come Part 1

Nathan Leal - Feb. 7, 2014

Note - I shared a portion of this information on a recent Hagmann & Hagmann Program - Hagmann & Hagmann Program - Fri. Feb. 7, 2014 .


UPDATE - Feb 8, 2014 - I will be the first to say that, no person can know everything, therefore I am just one of several who are seeking to know the truth. That is what this study is about. It is a desire to discover. I know that there are others out there who are also seeking. Perhaps this information can add to the "big picture."

This is an ongoing project. I am planning to continue this research and add to these findings. The gathered information will be released in future parts. If you have anything to contribute in this research, feel free to email your comments & thoughts. Thanks, Nathan

On Sunday, February 2, 2014, Super Bowl XLVIII transpired.

It was a competition between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle beat the Broncos 43 to 8. I watched a portion of the game. In my opinion, this was no ordinary Superbowl.

It was profound and it painted a picture that is very telling for the future of America. The half time show also added to the narrative.

In several articles, I'm going to share my analysis of the message that was proclaimed in this year's Super Bowl.

In summary, the game revealed that the future of America is in trouble. For those who may wonder how a Super bowl can give this information, the details were hidden in plain site.

Ladies and gentlemen, fire, war and destruction are approaching this country. It will be a judgment of biblical proportions. Based on my observation, time is running out for USA-ville.

Over the last few years, the annual Super Bowl has delivered cryptic messages and symbolic ciphers which have revealed a variety of things.

They include:

1. The spiritual temperature of the nation.

2. The fleshly desires of the people.

3. Warnings of events that are coming.

4. Demonic proclamations and dark prophecies.

5. Pagan invocations to the underworld.

6. Signs, harbingers and prophetic signs.

7. Much, much more.

Combined, the signs have communicated that things are no longer normal in nation USA.

To the one that is observing, it is apparent that the signs and harbingers are sourced by powers beyond the scope of natural man.

Some of the symbolism is displayed by humans and members of the satanic illuminati underworld, and some of the information is placed into the Super Bowl narrative by God.

In the natural, I know that this is a difficult concept to grasp, but the proof can be found in the information and images which I will be sharing in several articles and audio messages.

Super Bowl 48

This year's Super bowl revealed a prophetic glimpse of America's future. A future that is not going to bode well for the country. The glimpse also revealed that a transition is approaching.

This transition will play out as a political crisis which will demolish the last vestiges of peace within the borders of America. As these changes occur, there will be fires of war in the landscape. Those who are not ready to face the fire will perish.

To explain these things, let's first examine a portion of the half time show. It was presented by the singer - Bruno Mars.

Bruno Mars originates from Hawaii. He is a singer who appears retro in his dress and music style.

However, do not let his innocent looking attire fool you. His music is laced with sexual promiscuity and blasphemy.

The name Bruno Mars reveals volumes. It has several meanings including: Dark One and Shield or Armor; Mars means God of War.

Together, the combination means - "The dark skinned God of war who has armor."

I find it interesting that this artist comes from the state of Hawaii. The state that has also been claimed by Obama.

To the unobserving, the curiosity may end there.

But the use of Bruno Mars in the Super Bowl was no accident.

His persona is meant to portray a message. It is a similar message that was portrayed in the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

It is linked to this guy.

Remember him? He gave the weird speech at the beginning of the Olympic Ceremony.

The connection between him and Bruno Mars is profound and speaks volumes. Bruno Mars is in the third year of a fast rising music career. He already has several pop hits. Some of which he performed at the Super Bowl half time show.

The halftime show began with the singing of a children's choir. They were singing one of the stanzas of the Bruno Mars song – “Billionaire.”

The words sounded first.

Every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
A different city every time
Oh, I swear the world better prepare, prepare. Prepare!

The lyrics are about a person who wants to be a billionaire. But they also have several layers of meaning. For the Super bowl, the meaning was disturbing.

Bruno Mars used children to reveal the plans of the New World Order bankers and politicians who are plowing the earth under right now.

The Olympic Ceremony also did a similar thing.

It showed sweet innocent children taking part in pagan activities.

And then used them to deliver an ominous message.

See the children forming a circle around the demonic warlock giant?

The circle is very special to pagans. They believe that the circle forms a boundary of power and protection during their invocation.

The Olympic Ceremony used children to circle the giant anti-christ creepy baby.

Do you notice something similar in the image of Bruno as he sings his love song?

He is standing in a circle. Or is it a ring? Or is it ....the letter "O?"

Could it be all of the above?

What does "O" stand for in the American politics?

The song Billionaire represents several things. The Bankers, the elite, Obama and the end time NWO beast.

These people only care about one thing ...Power! Upon examination of the words the the children sang,

Every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
A different city every time
Oh, I swear the world better prepare, prepare. Prepare!

...we can see that their motives are displayed IN YOUR FACE!

Presently the NWO goons are bulldozing the USA - city by city. Stealing the spoils and taking no prisoners. At least not until the next phase of their plan which is about to begin.

But back to the children. The beginning portion of the Half Time Show delivered a very cryptic message. This all happened during the song "Billionaire."

As the children sang, the screen behind them changed.

The USA flag appeared.

In fact, the next chapter was announced by them during this song, as a warning.
The last words in the song say:

"Oh, I swear the world better prepare, prepare. Prepare!"

When the children sang these words, the stage background flashed the words “Prepare” over and over.

I do not believe that this display was accident. It appears that it is a blatant announcement to the residents of the country that something BIG is coming and everyone needs to get prepared to face it!

I watched the halftime show over and over and tried to pick up all of the elements that are a part of this cryptic message.

Below is a close up of the "prepare" display. Note that the words also appeared in the screen in front of the stage.

As you can also see, the lights formed a giant "V" on the sides of the stage. Why a "V?"

Within seconds, the field exploded with fireworks.

From one side of the field to the other...

The big question is why? What did it mean?

A clue came later in the show...

Make note of the shapes above the flag. They are chevrons. They are pointing in two directions. And the US flag is right under them.

During the "prepare" scene, the USA flag was briefly shown. I zoomed in on the prepare image and took the liberty of flipping the picture upside down...

I see a few interesting things...

An upside down flag and a house...

With a giant head over it...

Can this really be? Remember this?

It looks like the giant head is sitting on top of the White House dividing the flag in two.

The chevrons are tugging on both sides of the flag. The "left" and "right" of the nation in division, the country shall be RIPPED in half! The US flag is in distress.

And the one behind it all? Beelzebub - The Lord of the Flies!

Woe unto the earth, for Satan has been cast down...

Ladies and gentlemen, the transition has taken place, the USA is now under the control of the dark one! And he is going to rip this country apart.

His Illuminati symbolism told the tale...

All fifty states. See the number above the pyramid...50!

The USA flag was three parts... below...

There will be flames and fire! The black image in the screen is an explosion with a mushroom cloud!

The field also showed an explosion...

Note that the explosion is affecting the SeaHawks side of the field as well as the Broncos. This means the fires will affect all parts of the USA!

Flames were shown over and over...

Across the backdrop...

It became blatant and obvious...


What's the message? Fire is coming...

And they are in control..

As the children sang and the US flag appeared, I noticed red lights glowing above the flag. The red light almost look like flaming missiles coming from the flag. Could these be the missiles of war? Bruno's last name "Mars" means "War!"

The missile simulation continued as they sang and the flag changed.

Make note that the US flag is divided into three parts in the image. Revelation tells us that Babylon will be divided into three parts! Is this a coincidence? Is this a part of their plan? ...To divide America as a spoil to China and Russia?

The images are not subtle.

Ladies and gentlemen, this presentation revealed a very telling narrative of what is coming.

“America Prepare your children for the war that is coming.”

Conclusion: thus far, I can surmise that the halftime show was not benign and meaningless. It revealed a very telling story about America and our future.

How will this play out? This is what we will dissect in the next session.

May God bless you, protect you and keep you under His wing.

In His service,
Nathan Leal

To be continued..............................


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