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How to Understand Bible Prophecy

"It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter."  Proverbs 25:2

One of the attributes of God is to hide truth. To find a truth that God has hidden is no feat for the "weak". Without Christ we can do nothing. That includes trying to understand End Time Bible Prophecy.

Basic human instinct is to reject the truths of God. Our fallen nature makes our ears "closed" and "uncircumcised" to the Word of God.

Over and over in scripture, we find God declaring that His secret things are hidden. Hidden from who? From those that are spiritually "blind" and "deaf".

So to whom are God's secrets revealed? Who qualifies to know these Jewels of Heaven?
Simple! Those that are hungry for God's deeper knowledge and the ones who go to God humbly and ask Him for wisdom.

The willing that go to God and ask Him to open their "deaf" ears and "blind" eyes are those that are rewarded. Also, the hidden things are for those that have rejected the carnal things of the earth in their lives.

If any one of us seeks to understand the hidden truths of God and to partake of His "Hidden Manna", we must first come to God with purified hearts that we have allowed Him to clean.


Many people erroneously say, "the study of biblical end time prophecy is up to personal interpretation." This is a false statement. The Bible says;

"Knowing this first that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation." 2 Peter 1:20

When God gave us prophetic truth in scripture, it had a clear meaning, "one" meaning of interpretation on how it will happen, not five, ten, or twenty.

When it comes to end time prophecy there are many "popular" interpretations out there. And if there are several interpretations out there for one prophecy, then obviously several of them are wrong!

When it comes to interpreting the scriptures, we must desire to find the TRUTH of God and not the "opinion" of man.

In the pages of this website we are going to examine Bible Prophecy and see exactly what scripture has to say on these end times issues and how some popular opinions are resulting in scriptural interpretive error.

How to Study

To discover biblical truth there are some basic rules that one must follow:
1. Always start with prayer asking God to open your eyes "to see" and your ears "to hear".

2. You must get to the root meanings of the scriptural words. Use a biblical concordance to examine the original Hebrew words for the Old Testament and Greek or Aramaic words for the New Testament. There are variety of computerized Bible programs that also serve this function.

3. Put away your watered-down "NIV" Bible!  The New International Version is an 'anemic" replacement of the more powerful King James Version or New King James Version Bible. If you happen to have "The Message Bible", GET RID OF IT!   "The Message" Bible has a message alright, a deceptive counterfeit message of the real Word of God!

4. Understand that some words in scripture are not found in the original texts. If you have a decent Bible, this fact is noted in the way that the word is printed in the text. Most good Bibles will print the word in italics.


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