Watchmans Cry Program #165 - Part 4
Special Alert Audio Series!

"Part 4 - The Mark of the Beast - Mystery of Iniquity!"
This is a Multi-Part Series that Exposes the recent 2012 Olympic Pagan Ceremony
and the New Age Plan to take over the world!

Watchmans Cry Alert! - The End Times New World Order is Upon Us!

The recent 2012 Olympic Ceremonies displayed many veiled messages.

In this series, we have been examining the evil disclosure that has been given to the world by the Illuminati.

Their announcment revealed that many dark events are approaching America and the world! Their New World Order is upon us and we must be prepared to face what's coming!

Part of the New Age Plan is to lead the world into a mass initiation so that it can enter into their long awaited Age of Aquarius.

This event seems to mirror prophesies found in the Book of Revelation about the Mark of the Beast.

They believe that all of the citizen initiates of the world must willingly promote themselves, or pay the price!

According to the illuminati New Age Plan, all residents of earth must pass this test to participate in their Utopian World! And those that fail will be cleansed from the earth! No Exceptions!

Their Plan is devious and deceptive and needs to be understood by Christians.

According to the new age religion, Christians are the problem and are hindering their plan. Therefore, Christians need to be dealt with.

This segment of the series will examine the Coming New Age Plan of the World initiation. What do they believe? What are they expecting? We will also examine the Mystery of Iniquity and the Mark of the Beast.

Please share this series with your friends and family.

God Bless,
Nathan Leal



This is Part 4 of the series. In this session we will examine the New Age Plan of World initiation.


    • Who is Vulcan and Mulciber?
    • Pandemonium - The Capital City of The New World Order.
    • What does twenty-seven have to do with it?
    • The Illuminati New Age Plan.
    • Theosophy...Are you Kidding?
    • The New Age Initiation.
    • What happens to those that fail?
    • The Mark of the Beast!
    • The Mystery of Iniquity!

    Listen to the Part 4 Here: This session is in two segments, over two hours:

    Part 4-A

    Part 4-B


    Program Notes: Notes and Images


    Closing Music - "Soldiers of the Lion " by Chuck Girard:
    Chuck's Website


    Table of Contents: Contents of the series

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