Was Hurricane Ike the Fulfillment of My Houston Dream?
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Nathan Leal - September 30, 2008

On August 26, 2008, I published a prophetic dream that I had about a catastrophic event in Houston. Read

It was a very gloomy dream where I saw images of destruction in a neighborhood.

In the past few weeks, I have been getting emails from a lot of readers who tell me that some of Hurricane Ike's damage resembles some of the things that I described in my dream. Some of you have asked if Hurricane Ike was the fulfillment of my dream.

My answer to that question would be, “I do not know!”

However, I would like to say that some of the destruction that occurred in some of the outlying coastal areas do fit the dream very closely.

An area along the Texas coast called, “The Bolivar Peninsula” and “Crystal Beach” suffered almost apocalyptic damage where the actual shoreline and parts of neighborhoods were swallowed up by the Gulf of Mexico.

Here are some images of the damage and also some excerpts from my prophetic dream.
Words from dream begin:

I was in Houston inside of a building and I was looking out of a window. Suddenly, there was a solid black cloud about 50 feet above the ground and it was several hundred feet tall and about 50 feet wide. It went by the window from left to right.

I am not sure if it was a tornado because it seemed to be more like a moving column of very black smoke. As it went pass the window, I saw that there was a tall and fat pine tree being carried in the smoke column.

The pine tree was totally black with soot all over it. It had no branches and it resembled a telephone pole. But it was not a telephone pole because I saw that there was still bark on the tree. It was a dirty, sooty black.


…I made a right turn and drove into the street. At the first intersection I made another right turn and after I drove a few blocks, the scenery suddenly changed.
It was like the scene of an apocalyptic movie….The scene was very eerie…

… a large housing subdivision .. the houses were all gone. As far as I could see, there were no longer any houses left standing.

The entire neighborhood was gone: no houses, no cars, no bodies!


The only thing that was visible were the remnants of tall trees without their branches. The trees were solid black with soot all over them.


They were all snapped off at about the 30 foot level.


I drove further down the street about a half a mile until I came to an obstruction that cars could not get pass. The street was totally covered with a thick mud that was made out of the black soot. It was about 1 to 2 feet thick. There was no way to get past this muddy soot.


It began to rain.

The dream was over.


Brethren, I do not know if the destruction that I just showed from Hurricane Ike was my dream.

In a way, I hope that it was, because I do not want more destruction to come to Houston.

Unfortunately, the sad part of this story is that many people chose to not evacuate from their coastal homes. Hundreds of homes were swept off of their foundations and carried out to sea by the storm.

At last count, there are hundreds of people that lived in these houses are still missing. Officials are starting to believe that the unthinkable has happened and that hundreds of these people who did not evacuate might have been carried out to sea and drowned.



There is great sadness in the Houston area.

The time of sorrows has visited our families and friends in that area.

Please hold up these people in your prayers, brethren.

Nathan – A Watchman

September 30, 2008

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