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Police State Coming and New World Order Rising?

The date that I had this Dream - October 29, 2008

Dream Begins

I was in my van driving along a road with my wife.

We began to cross a two lane bridge. ( One lane each direction )
The bridge was about a mile long.

As we entered the bridge, instantly there appeared on my lane of traffic about 100 to 200 policemen ( it was a lot ) in a long row that followed the bridge.

They were along the entire bridge spaced apart only about 5 - 10 feet.

They were dressed in black Riot gear. The black vests, the padded suit, helmet with goggles, etc.

In their hands, they all had a shovel. Each of them was sprinkling a pile of wet asphalt in their small area where they were standing. Their little piles were about 2 to 3 feet wide and a few inches tall.

My wife suddenly screamed to me that I just passed the speed limit sign that said 19.

I tried to slow down but the van would not slow down to 19. I was maybe traveling about 25 to 30.

As I passed each policeman, they would look up at me but they kept pouring the asphalt.

I finally got to the end of the mile long bridge. At the end was a lady cop, waving and pointing at me to pull over. Right past her on the right was a temporary shack that the police had set up with a turn out.

I turned out and stopped at the shack and walked up to the window.

The lady cop in the window looked at my car and then her computer printed out a photo snapshot of the front of my car to show that I had been speeding.

I thought that my ticket was going to be real high and then the lady said, "That will be 21!"

"Twenty-one," I thought! So I looked in my wallet and took out some money, my wife also took money out of her purse.

We paid the lady twenty-one (21)

The weird thing was that I never heard, "Twenty-one dollars" just twenty-one.

So in conclusion, 19 and 21 were two numbers in this dream. I don't know what this means. But even right now, this dream is very vivid in my memory.


Interpretation: This dream has many elements in it. I have been pondering and praying about this one. At the moment I do not have all of the meaning for this dream, but here are a few things that others have suggested from my forum : Read

1. 19 + 21 = 1921: This is the year that many Communist and Faschist governments started in the world.

2. The date of the 19th or the 21st may have an event coming.

3. The bridge to the coming police state is under construction. We are in transition.

4. Construction for the new world order is happening before our eyes.

Update - December 19, 2008: In order for the North American Union and Police State to be born and be viable, it needs a "literal" infrastructure to be built. An infrastucture of a road network. This is necessary for the transfer of military equipment and the relocation of people.

Obama has recently announced that he will save the economy with a road building works program.

Is this what the dream meant? Will Obama be the catalyst to bring the NAU to fruition? Time will tell.



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